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  • Call-in

    35 70.00%
  • Co-lin (co rhymes with go)

    3 6.00%
  • Other

    12 24.00%
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    Pronunciation of Colin.

    How do you pronounce Colin?

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    Neither. I say it COL-in. Sounds very different to 'call' imo, but that'll be because of the difference in the way English and Americans pronounce the letter O.

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    I don't know what you meant by the first option--did you mean like the word call or like in Calvin?--but I pronounce it like Coll in (rhymes slightly with collar).
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    I generally say CALL-in, but if I met someone who pronounced it COH-lin (rhyming the first syllable with "go") I'd say it the way they did. I've met/heard of people saying it both ways so I think both are legitimate and you could use either.
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    CO-lin, CO with a short o like in cot, got, not
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