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    Question C to G - This or That?

    Be as brutally honest as you like, I appreciate all feedback, positive or negative
    I know a few of my choices are a little out-there!

    Caliadne or Ceridwen?
    Cecily or Cicely?
    Cressida or Drusilda?
    Cymbeline or Delphine?
    Damaris stays. But do you prefer pn Da-MA-ris (MA as in mat) or Da-MEH-ris (MEH as in merry)?
    Dorinda or Elfrida?
    Darla or Eliza?
    Eirlys or Eirwen?
    Elowen or Gwendolen?
    Emmeline or Evangeline?
    Erisbe nn Eris or just Eris?
    Evanthe stays. But do you prefer Evanthe Valentine or Evanthe Valentina?
    Evadne nn Eva or just Eva?
    GP middle names - Faerie or Ferelith?
    Frances or Freda (prn like Freyda)?
    Giselda nn Giselle or just Giselle?

    Bonus: Which would you suggest using as first names and which as middles only?
    What middles would you pair with the first names? (feel free to suggest your own, you don't have to pick from the list)
    What nicknames would you use for the first names?

    Thanks so much for your help!!!
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    Ceridwen (I see this as more of a middle name)
    Delphine (nn. Delphi is cute)
    Damaris (nms, but I'd probably say Da-MA-ris, MA as in mat)
    Elfrida (love nn. Elfie for this)
    Eliza (Darla just makes me think of the girl in Finding Nemo)
    Emmeline (I like them both though)
    Evanthe Valentine
    Evadne nn. Eva
    nms but proably Ferelith

    Emmeline Frances
    Evadne Delphine
    Eliza Ceridwen
    Elfrida Giselle
    Cecily Evangeline
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    Okay, I am loving a lot of these names:
    Caliadne (Love)
    Cymbeline (Starting to love)
    Da-MA-ris (but I say Da-MAR-iss, MAR as in car)
    Eliza (I know someone who had the cutest little Eliza around Chrismas )
    Eirwen (but I really like Eirawen)
    Erisbe (I usually prefer the full name as an official name especially if it's a short nn)
    Evanthe Valentine (Love Evanthe (when said Ee-van-thee), used to be the fn in my 2nd girl combo but I replaced it with Saffron)
    Evadne nn Eva (Love Evadne)
    Faerie (Fae is a middle name in one of my fave girls combos, and I'm glad you spelt it Faerie )
    Giselda nn Giselle (Great name, but Giselle makes me think of the animal... and then lions (sorry))

    I'd use all of them as first names, (except Faerie of course), but I love so many of them! I'm really bad at doing middles, but for nns I really like:
    Caliadne- Cali or Lia (prefer Cali)
    Cressida- Cress or if you don't mind a more masculine nn Sid.
    Cymbeline- Cym (Sim), or Bel, or Beli.
    Dorinda- Dori (Not sure I like it though)
    Elowen- For some reason I like Glow.
    Evangeline- Geli (like Jelly; so cute) or Eva
    I also think Selda (Zelda) is a cool nn for Giselda.
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    Caliadne (MN)
    Cecily (FN)
    Cressida (both)
    Delphine (MN)
    Damaris - Da-ma-ris (both)
    Elfrida (MN)
    Eliza (FN)
    Eirlys (MN)
    Gwendolen (both)
    Evangeline (both)
    Just Eris (both)
    Evanthe (Evanthe Valentina)
    Evadne nn Eva (but I like just Eva too)
    Faerie (MN)
    Frances & Freda (both)
    Just Giselle (both)
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    Caliadne or Ceridwen? -- Ceridwen
    Cecily or Cicely? -- Cicely
    Cressida or Drusilda? -- Cressida
    Cymbeline or Delphine? -- Delphine
    Damaris stays. But do you prefer pn Da-MA-ris (MA as in mat) or Da-MEH-ris (MEH as in merry)? -- Da - MA - ris
    Dorinda or Elfrida? -- Dorinda
    Darla or Eliza? -- Eliza
    Eirlys or Eirwen? -- Eirlys
    Elowen or Gwendolen? -- Elowen
    Emmeline or Evangeline? -- Evangeline
    Erisbe nn Eris or just Eris? -- Eris
    Evanthe stays. But do you prefer Evanthe Valentine or Evanthe Valentina? -- Evanthe Valentina
    Evadne nn Eva or just Eva? -- Eva
    GP middle names - Faerie or Ferelith? -- Ferelith
    Frances or Freda (prn like Freyda)? -- Freda
    Giselda nn Giselle or just Giselle? -- Just Giselle

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