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    My Kingdom for a Kingdom CAF

    Another Game Of Thrones inspired CAF. The rule is the heir must be named after a direct ancestor (parent, grandparent, great grandparent, etc).

    The First Royal Couple:
    Prince (Heir)

    ___The Second Generation of Royals
    ___New Queen
    ___Prince (h)

    ______The Third Generation of Royals
    ______Illegitimate Son (h)

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals
    _________Prince (h)

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals
    ____________Princess (h)

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals
    _______________Prince (h)
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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    The First Royal Couple:
    King Arterion The Wicked
    Queen Dathyria of Lendenhall
    Prince Arthall
    Prince Lenden
    Princess Sephyria
    Prince Therion
    Princess Karalys

    ___The Second Generation of Royals
    ___King Arthall the Foolish
    ___Queen Verisette of the Westerwinds
    ___Princess Avirline
    ___Princess Cyrella
    ___Princess Kresta
    ___Princess Orianna
    ___New Queen Anyka of the Ice
    ___Princess Lionette
    ___Princess Lyria
    ___Princess Loralys
    ___Prince Artenwald

    ______The Third Generation of Royals
    ______King Artenwald
    ______Queen Glissen of Norwood
    ______Princess Calienthe
    ______Illegitimate Son Arwald
    ______Princess Morgeesa

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals
    _________King Arwald the Loyal
    _________Queen Emarika of the Shining Waters
    _________Prince Kiswald
    _________Prince Ardell
    _________Prince Walderick
    _________Princess Artisia
    _________Prince Walden
    _________Prince Arwick
    _________Princess Alderia
    _________Princess Walicia

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals
    ____________King Ardell
    ____________Queen Myandra of Ravenfell
    ____________Princess Dellarys
    ____________Princess Mydell
    ____________Princess Aranda
    ____________Princess Ardra

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals
    _______________King Joven of the Tower
    _______________Queen Dellarys the True
    _______________Prince Aryen
    _______________Prince Joary
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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    The First Royal Couple:
    King Constantine Rufus
    Queen Antonia Louise
    Prince Constantine Louis (heir)
    Prince Rupert Anthony
    Princess Eugenia Guinevere
    Prince Ignatius Edward
    Princess Edith Thomasina

    ___The Second Generation of Royals:
    ___King Constantine Louis
    ___Queen Valeria Beatrice
    ___Princess Eleanore Primrose
    ___Princess Mary Clementina
    ___Princess Philippa Beatrice
    ___Princess Antonia Maeve
    ____Queen Alice Augusta
    ____Princess Louisa Caroline
    ____Princess Ingrid Delphina
    ____Princess Adelaide Estelle
    ____Prince Augustus Constantine (heir)

    ______The Third Generation of Royals:
    ______King Augustus Constantine
    ______Queen Harriet Zenobia
    ______Princess Sybil Winifred
    ______Illegitimate Prince Titus Constantine (heir)
    ______Princess Alice Victoria

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals:
    _________King Titus Constantine
    _________Queen Lucretia Jane
    _________Prince Constantine Edward
    _________Prince Titus Louis (heir)
    _________Prince Leopold Arthur
    _________Princess Agatha Florence
    _________Prince Benedict Linus
    _________Prince Ignatius Conrad
    _________Princess Helena Ingrid
    _________Princess Charity Antonia

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals:
    ____________King Titus Louis
    ____________Queen Lydia Clementina
    ____________Princess Edith Matilda (heiress)
    ____________Princess Helen Agatha
    ____________Princess Beatrice Eugenia
    ____________Princess Honor Titania

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals:
    _______________King Henry Peregrine Gervais
    _______________Queen Edith Matilda
    _______________Prince William Titus Leander (heir)
    _______________Prince Rupert Leopold Magnus
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    Danville, Tri-State Area
    The First Royal Couple:
    King William Adrian Jasper
    Queen Amelie Rose Juliana Sophie
    Prince Adrian George Alexander(Heir)
    Prince Christopher James Alonzo Frederick
    Princess Rosalie Mae Angelina
    Prince Quentin Oliver Gregory
    Princess Lillian Olivia Scarlett

    ___The Second Generation of Royals
    ___King Adrian George Alexander
    ___Queen Josephine Grace Alexandra
    ___Princess Lucy Camille Emilie
    ___Princess Penelope Delia Catherine
    ___Princess Adelaide Ivy Veronica
    ___Princess Hazel Sofia Leigh-Anne
    ___New Queen Elizabeth Maeva Francine
    ___Princess Juliana Abigail Rose
    ___Princess Clara Renee Isabelle
    ___Princess Elsa Patricia Hannah
    ___Prince Alexander William Owen(h)

    ______The Third Generation of Royals
    ______King Alexander William Owen
    ______Queen Rachelle Henrietta Judith
    ______Princess Jenna Skye Maria
    ______Illegitimate Prince Alexander Adrian Jasper (h)
    ______Princess Mabel Grace Aurora

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals
    _________King Alexander Adrian Jasper
    _________Queen Fiona Andrea Jade
    _________Prince Cole Mackenzie Ulysses
    _________Prince Adrian Jasper Lewis (h)
    _________Prince John Elliott James
    _________Princess Isabelle Ann Marguerite
    _________Prince Louis Antonio Everett
    _________Prince Karl Joseph Vincent
    _________Princess Mariana Rose Jessica
    _________Princess Annie Jade Mallory

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals
    ____________King Adrian Jasper Lewis
    ____________Queen Helena Katherine Felicity
    ____________Princess Adriana Clarissa Joy(h)
    ____________Princess Alexandra Elise Phillipa
    ____________Princess Annabelle Faith Josephine
    ____________Princess Andrea Louise Alice

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals
    _______________King Humphrey George Russell
    _______________Queen Adriana Clarissa Joy
    _______________Prince Jasper George Russell (h)
    _______________Prince Kenneth Lee Jordan
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, hopeful writer, sophomore in high school, and most importantly, name obsessed

    Dreaming of a future little...
    Miss Lila Romilly or Maeve Tallulah or Moira Seraphine or Sadie Calypso or Iris Magdelen
    Mister Carter Jameson or Jasper Elias or Leo Xavier or Archer Murray or Torin Matthias

    limits, like fear, are often just an illusion

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    The First Royal Couple:
    King Zebedee the Flaxen-Haired
    Queen Lilou
    Prince Zebedee (Heir)
    Prince Zakariya
    Princess Alouette
    Prince Lysander
    Princess Zipporah

    ___The Second Generation of Royals
    ___King Zebedee II the Valiant
    ___Queen Luiza of the Eastern Fall
    ___Princess Daeva
    ___Princess Eulalie
    ___Princess Fallon
    ___Princess Gwyneth
    ___New Queen: Boleyn of Old Taxon
    ___Princess Mireille
    ___Princess Nadine
    ___Princess Emmeline
    ___Prince Lysander (h)

    ______The Third Generation of Royals
    ______King Lysander the Bloodthirsty
    ______Queen Marina of the Emerald Sea
    ______Princess Bernadette
    ______Illegitimate Son Zebedee (h)
    ______Princess Evangeline

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals
    _________King Zebedee III the Terrible
    _________Queen Elysia of the Tiger River
    _________Prince Augustine
    _________Prince Lysander (h)
    _________Prince Thaddeus
    _________Princess Millicent
    _________Prince Balthasar
    _________Prince Amadeus
    _________Princess Lydia
    _________Princess Margot

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals
    ____________King Lysander II the Idiotic
    ____________Queen Laetitia of the God-Fearing Islands
    ____________Princess Carolina (h)
    ____________Princess Rachel
    ____________Princess Rebecca
    ____________Princess Elizabeth

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals
    _______________King Jasper the Wart
    _______________Queen Carolina the Saint
    _______________Prince Caelum (h)
    _______________Prince Maxim
    -- Lottie --

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