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    starting from scratch

    The only name from my old lists that I'm still completely loving is Xanthe so I'm looking to use that as my jumping off point to search for a new list.

    I love Xanthe for it's fun, spunky, obviously real but still slightly unusual quality. It doesn't look like a name i pulled out of thin air, but its also not a name you hear everyday. It reminds me of sunshine, laughter, playing on a beach, relaxing in the sun, carefree fun.

    I'm not really looking for other Greek names as I'm not Greek, so it'd be weird to use several Greek manes on my future children.

    The only name other than Xanthe that has a similar feel/imagery is India, which for obvious reasons isn't one I'd be comfortable using. (and yes i know Indira is an acceptable alternative but i just hear endear-ahh and it sounds kind of old ladyish to my ears).

    So...girl names that are fun, spunky, carefree, sunshiney, and a little bit unique/unusual but are still real names?
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    Off the top of my head, names that evoke sunshine and spunkiness for me. All are established names and might not be quite as unique as you're looking for, but....

    Calla (Calantha)

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    I love Xanthe as well, and right now I am completely in love with Erianthe (but that's quite obviously Greek again). I love Greek names, but I'm not Greek, but I still want to use them, (or I could marry a Greek guy :P). Anyway, sunshine names:
    Gelasia (Gel-ay-see-a)
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    Hey, thanks for responding!

    I like:
    Eloise -could see myself using it
    Lola - i feel like it needs a more substantial first but i adore this as a nickname
    Clementine - i adore this name and it is exactly the sunny/spunky feel i love....but do you think it's trying too hard? I saw a show where a character's daughter's name was Clementine and it was obviously included as a joke in the vein of "omg yet another couple giving their kid a hipster name" and i took it off my list after that
    Juniper - this is so sweet, and i love that she could go be Junie or June
    Poppy - i sooo adore this bane, my only concern is that i will one day typo it as "Poopy" and humiliate her
    Calla (Calantha is beautiful too!) - i can genuinely see me using this with Xanthe. Calantha nn Calla is so lovely!
    Aria - i love this name but hate the Pretty Little Liars character of the same name
    Beatrix - its sunny and happy and i like it, but i think i prefer it as a middle. Two names with an X seems weird to me for sine reason.

    The others don't have quite the right "vibe" i guess, but are great suggestions!

    Any other suggestions?
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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