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    Would this be a major name crime??

    What are your thoughts on giving ALL siblings the same middle name (potentially with a second individual middle?).... I know it's not the norm but..... My only daughters middle is Valentine (which holds very special meaning to her father and I. And I just know I will never find another name I love as much in the middle spot or that feels as special. And so I had this thought the other day: why not give all 2 potentially 3 even 4 children the middle name Valentine (love it for male and female!!) It would be a little like having a double barreled last name I guess and no middle...Or they could have another individual middle plus Valentine. It could be a rally beautiful way to tie then together? Or not? what are your honest thoughts?!

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    The thought of this doesn't bother me. I actually knew 3 brothers growing up that all had their dad's name as a middle name. They were Greek so I'm not sure if that's a tradition in that country or if it's just their family.

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    Not a crime, but cringeworthy for sure. I think second middle could help a lot. But your child, your rules, and it's not something you should be ashamed, since you have a good reason. But definitely with second, different middle.

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    I think it is fine! Many people give their children more than one middle name and I think it is a nice idea to hold them all together..after all last names will be changed for the girls. I like this idea and I say go for it! Valentine is a cute name anyway.
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    I know a few people who have done this, I only cringe if it's not a name I prefer.
    Valentine is a beautiful middle to share I think.
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