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    If I was to use Alexis do you think she'd automatically get nicknamed Alex, Ali or worse Lexi!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicoleclare17 View Post
    I think we're gonna go with either Alexis or Lux. Not sure what middle name for them, any suggestions would be welcome. But what do you think of Alexis and Lux?
    I prefer Lux, it's far prettier. Whereas Alexis feels slightly 90s.

    Middle name suggestions:
    Lux Alessandra
    Lux Theodora
    Lux Christina
    Lux Hannelore
    Lux Nathalie
    Lux Viktorine
    Lux Augusta
    Lux Scarlett
    Lux Katherine

    Alexis Mariella
    Alexis Juliana
    Alexis Eleanor
    Alexis Lauren
    Alexis Willow
    Alexis Kate
    Alexis Elisabeth
    Alexis Guinevere
    Alexis Morgana
    Alexis Lillian

    : )

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    Why don't you use the name Alexis, and then call her Lux as a nickname. That way she can choose what she wants to use when she gets older! I like Lux, I just see it as more of a nickname. good luck!

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    I just don't think Lux sounds like a full name. And if it is a full name, it sounds masculine to me. Alexis is pretty 90s but I think its better than Lux. She wouldn't automatically get any particular nickname but if you don't dictate which one is used, someone else may set one you dont like.

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    Oooh just saw previous poster's suggestion. I second it!

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