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    Word Names CAF Namebank

    Boys: Chance, Arrow, Maverick, Pike, Prince, Ranger, Oak, Pace, Wilder, Timber, Lyric, Wren, Pilot, Atlas, Phoenix, Sage, August, Harper, Gray/Grey, Cannon, Fox, Wolf, Hunter, Duke, Parker, Price, Rebel, Clay, Silver, Sparrow, Basil, Lake, Cedar, Sky(e), Rider, River, Storm, Rain, Zephyr, Durian, Steel, Noble, Valor, Justice, Gannet, Stone, Denim, Lane, Gage, Walker, Forest, Brick, Copper, Mercury, Berry, Fate, Ever, Sterling, Blaze, Archer, Ash, Auburn, Barley, Bear, Booth, Bay, Reed, Crew, Canyon, Drummer, Cotton, Golden, Grant, Falcon, Talon, Gale, Link, Knight, March, North, Onyx, Royal, Urban, Wade, Sorrel, Jasper, Cove, Legend, Prosper, Harbor, November, Audio, Beacon, Anchor, Banjo, Bandit, Bayou, Breaker, Birch, Cello, Chase, Cerulean, Diesel, Cyan, Deacon, December, Crane, Colt, Eagle, Fennel, Finch, Field(er), Elm, Flint, Gentry, Explorer, Hawk, Heron, Hopper, Gunner, Jazz, Kick, Jet, Jaguar, Jupiter, Major, Leaf, Lynx, Navy, Poet, Quartz, Rocket, Robin, Rogue, Rowdy, Quill, Pierce, Shale, Speck, Spike, Story, Seven, Tempo, Tide, Trip, Tiger, West, Trust, Bridge, Fort, Zeppelin, Zen, Yarrow, Flame

    Girls: Sonnet, Story, Aria, Bliss, Afternoon, Answer, Cadence, Lyric, Lark, Wren, Faith, Grace, Phoenix, Jade, Hope, Karma, Patience, Sage, Liberty, Destiny, Joy, Evening, Raven, Crystal, Diamond, Holly, Unity, Opal, April, Prudence, May, Viola, Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter, Season, Harper, Star, Gray/Grey, Journey, Apple, Brook, Crimson, Coral, Clover, Cinnamon, Cherry, Fawn, Ember, Felicity, Ebony, Flora, Fauna, Ivory, Ginger, Saffron, Hazel, Hero, Honor, Indigo, June, July, Magnolia, Melody, Harmony, Olive, Heaven, Page, Paisley, Piper, Rebel, Dove, Sky(e), Cricket, Storm, Rain, Zephyr, Snow, Blue, Clementine, Lotus, Morning, Sailor, Pepper, Maple, Berry, Echo, Fable, Tuesday, Blossom, Burgundy, Anemone, Boheme, Bay, Cameo, Essence, Jewel, Lavender, Meadow, Mercy, Opal, Reverie, Sunday, Valley, Umber, Urban, Verity, Arbor, Solstice, Alpha, Amity, Busy, Cherish, Canary, Blossom, Bunny, Candy, Crescent, Doe, Feather, Garnet, Henna, Garland, Ginger, Fuchsia, Jazz, Kismet, January, Kodiak, Isle, Merry, Magenta, Maize, Mahogany, Marimba, Peony, Navy, Pearl, Orchid, Poet, Robin, Puma, Pleasant, Promise, Plum, Story, Sable, Scarlet, Sapphire, Velvet, Turquoise

    You have eight kids. There is only one set of multiples, and at least four singletons. This means the multiples can only be twins, triplets, or quads. Choose genders and ages by rolling this dice; roll twice for older kids:
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    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    1. August Colt (Gus, 16)
    2. Archer Knight (Archie, 14)
    3. Sunday Pearl & Harper Clementine (13, Twins)
    4. Hunter Birch (9)
    5. Opal Olive (8)
    6. Wilder Prince (7)
    7. Scarlet Isle (3)

    Gus, Archie, Sunday, Harper, Hunter, Opal, Wilder & Scarlet
    June 13th, 2015
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    DD (15): Sage Winter
    DD (12): January Garnet "Jay"
    DD (11): Wren Sunday
    DD (8): June Aria
    DS/DS (6): Hunter August / Reed Archer
    DD (3): Piper April "Pippa"
    DS (1): Gray Parker
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    DS: Jasper Ash, 17
    DD: Ember Amity, 14
    DS/DS/DS: Lane December, Reed Zeppelin, Lynx Ranger, 11
    DD: Verity Phoenix, 7
    DS: Talon Blaze, 3
    DD: Sage Lavender, 2

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    DS (17): Wilder Flame
    DS/DD (13): Fielder Grant and Bunny Magenta
    DD (10): Cricket Blossom
    DS (8): Gannet Oak
    DS (5): Arrow Valor
    DD (2): Sable Raven
    DS (1): Hopper Lynx

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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