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    Question honest thoughts on Lawrence?

    Leaning towards Lawrence as a middle name if this bump is a boy (we find out next week! ). It's to honor a long line of family. I used to hate it, but it's kind of been growing on me.

    What do you think? Is it awful? I won't be offended, and will likely use it anyway. Just wondering what your thoughts are.

    PS I hate Larry, so I would never use as a first!

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    I think Lawrence is nice, definitely not awful. I think it's great to use in the middle to honor family.

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    Honestly until a few months ago I hated all Lawrence relations - they felt odd and old and I just didn’t get it. Low and behold my cousin names her son Lawrence and asks me to be the godmother. It’s taken me a while (say 5 - 6 months) but Lawrence has won me over. I now can totally see it on a person of any age and see it grow. I’ve also fallen in love with Enzo as a nn and have been trying to get my cousin to get on board with me calling her son that - to no avail. So if you are cool with an alternate spelling Lorenz/o nn Enzo could work instead of Larry.

    I personally still think I prefer the alternate Laurenz, Laurens, Lorenz, Lorenzo’s because I tend to like z’s better than w’s but really it’s neither here nor there. (JFYI: in German - and I’m sure some other languages - there is a distinctive tonal difference between the Law- Lau- or Lo- versions.)
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    I love Lawrence, it's a great name. I totally agree with you about Larry, but it would definitely make a terrific middle name. It's a classic.

    P.S. If you did want it for a first name, Larry is not inevitable. There are a lot of other nns that could easily work. I personally think Lawrie is adorable. But it's also one of those names like Thomas or Alexander that just do a really solid job in the middle spot and give the whole name a nice weight to it or something.
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    We're most likely using Lawrence as a middle name for our little boy due in April. For us it also honors multiple Lawrences (and Lauras) on both sides of our families. It's really grown on me as a handsome classic. If there were nicknames better than Larry I think it would be used as a first name more often.
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