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    Quote Originally Posted by ribbons-and-soldiers View Post
    Where do you think that saying came from?
    It doesn't really matter because in this case, no one is using it in that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriela View Post
    It doesn't really matter because in this case, no one is using it in that way.
    Okay, I won't argue with you

    Adele, Margot, Elsa & Henry, Felix, Oscar

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    I agree

    that being told not to name a child a surname is ridiculous.

    My personal worst though is when people say, "That is not a name. It's a word."

    Like who appointed them God to discern between the two? The line is rather fluid these days, thankfully. And I'd rather be named Harvest any day over Mary.

    I am also not keen on those who accept as concrete truth that a certain name is racist or sexist or cultural appropriation. It may be, it may not be, but their blanket certainty drives me ballistic.

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    I hate "That would make a great name for a dog" or anything hinting that the name proposed is acceptable for a pet but not a person. I mean, yes, it would be nice name for a dog since it's a great name for anyone. (Also, my dogs have perfect and amazing names.)

    Once we're pregnant we're going to try to keep the name list to ourselves but I have a feeling keeping the short list from my mom will be nearly impossible...

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    Oh God the stripper thing, yeah.

    If I choose to call my daughter Avalon Honey, 1) I am not determining her future career to exotic dancing, nor will it hold her back from becoming a lawyer and 2) even if she wanted to be a stripper, so what? Why do we look down on strippers like they're the scum of the Earth?

    But my main thing is when people completely dismiss shorter forms of names like ''It's cute for when she's young but it needs something longer'' or ''Can you imagine a 30 year old Kitty?'' or insist it's better to use something you dislike and shorten it that to just use the shortened form.
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