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    Yes the doctor thing don't you call your doctor dr. Surname? I hate Alfred love Alfie but on here I've been told to call him Alfred Anyway because it's "more professional"
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawsonhaley View Post
    YES! I love Jamie and Archie on a boy - no issues there, but as soon as I mention Millie or Edie for a girl I get 'can you picture a boss with that name?!" It's sad to be honest. Names like Lottie, Edie and Betsy were top names 100 years ago, now they're just nicknames. *le sigh*. I had a dentist once named Stephany, and I went to school with loads of girls who are going to become doctors of some kind, named Kylie, Jessie (not short for anything), Makayla, Daveena, it goes on. One girl I went to school with is from a family of all girls with unisex names - Alex, Taylor, Mackenzie and Spencer. Every single one of those girls is going to medical school/has completed medical school. Alex (just Alex) has now become a sports therapist without being an Alexandra, and Taylor (one of the first female Taylor's in my area) is now a chiropractor. Names aren't everything when it comes to the workplace.
    Yeah, I usually just ignore those comments but it really really grates on me. I think that all the double standards we see in naming are just reflections of our society's deep belief system, which I find more upsetting than the comments themselves tbh.

    Plus I'm asking opinions far less frequently on NB now anyway especially of the names I'm the most emotionally invested in, I guess I've just become more comfortable with my style over time and I just don't care if somebody is closed minded anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samanthamarie View Post
    What is the one thing people say when they don't like a name, that you cannot stand / hate the most.

    Example : " Your kid will be bullied if you give him/her that name. "

    Mine, would be, " Don't name your kid ____ it's a surname ! "

    James, Tyler, Scott, Harper, Barry, Tracy, Casey, Richard and many others, are surnames as well as first names, should people stop using James and Richard as little boys name? Of course not. It drives me nuts !

    - What excuse that people give when they don't like a name, do you dislike the most?

    ** Just bored and curious
    -"It is too lavish or floral or frilly for it be bestowed on a child, she will not be successful in life and automatically be placed in "certain" class categories in life, you better hope she becomes a housewife." (my response)-Really, raising "little" human beings is subversive to running a CEO of "big" human beings, all because of the condition(type) of a name?

    -" Double or three barred names are going to be too difficult for the child to spell, since those are regulations to get into kindergarten, poor child won't know if they are coming and going." - My response, well, thanks for that unsolicited advice. If you want to set the bar so low for you child and have so little faith in your parenting skills as well as your child's learning capabilities, that is fine, but please do not expect others to agree with you or follow in your advice. This made me boil!

    -" Who do you think you are giving your child two middle name?" - Really, who do you think you are questioning my choices?

    - " The name is obsolete for a reason, why burden the child with an unusual name, fitting in is soo much easier than standing out, poor child." - Your that opposed to parenting and teaching your child a moral upbringing and to enforce them to be nice to people they meet with different names and backgrounds?

    - " Were your parents hippies for naming you after a season/nature/animal?" - My personal favorite, a parent of "certain" era's are automaticlly typified as a Hippie thumper because they chose a seasonal name, can anyone say pre-conceived notion with out obtaining all the facts? Perhaps, if this is the reasonal logical & conclusion, then them Edwardians were some pre-hippies and we are the post-hippies?

    - " I can't pronounce it, why would you choose a name that I can't pronounce, you know most people are like me, we live in the US, why torment the child?" - Just because your limited doesn't mean I should be or that my child should be as well. That is subjective and a chose, not a requirement.

    These are just of few of my encounters and conversations from personal experience in life. Sorry if it comes across snappish, but it still makes me fussy!
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    It seems this thread has turned into a venting session where people inaccurately twist the opinions of others just to vent about them. Most of these threads specifically solicit opinions. It's fine to disagree with those opinions, but I think there's something wrong with spinning it to mean something it doesn't (for example, I have never, ever read anyone who said that a girl with a unisex name can't become a doctor -- if such a thread exists, please direct me).

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    "The other kids will call him ________."

    My husband is always saying this about names. That other children will call them something to do with the name that nobody apart from him has ever thought of. I've tried telling him that children don't really get bullied because of their names. That can be a factor, but a child with the coolest name will still be bullied if there are other reasons. And a child with a dorky name might be one of the most popular kids in school. I don't think names are that much of a factor in schoolyard bullying.
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