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    You and your husband grew up in the same place and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Where you live: Edinburgh

    Name your husband's family, your family and the family that you now have together. Choose each person's first and middle name from the name bank!

    DH(32): Alexander Blake "Alex"
    DH's occupation: pharmaceutical scientist
    DH's surname: Flannery
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Rosemary Jean
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): William Addison
    DH's father's former occupation: owner of a book store
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Benjamin Nicholas "Ben"
    DH's brother's occupation: builder
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Sophia Marie Karsigounus
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: kindergarten teacher

    DW(30): Matilda Elizabeth
    DW's occupation: novelist
    DW's maiden name: Langdon
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Victoria Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Bernard Oliver
    DW's father's former occupation: boat captain
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Brooke Valerie
    DW's sister's occupation: neurologist
    DW's sister's husband's name: Matteo Kyson Smith
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: fireman
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Scott Bernard

    DS(10): Sawyer Alexander

    DS(7): Brandon Grant "Bran"
    DS(7): Ezra George

    DD(5): Eve Charlotte

    DD(4): Chloe Emmeline

    DD(2): Gwyneth Victoria

    DD: Paige Cressida
    DS: Hadley Archer

    Male dog (5): Sam
    Breed: grand danois

    Female cat (2): Zara
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Where you live: Yorkshire, UK
    DH(32): Nicholas Alexander (Doctor)
    DH's surname: Finch
    DH's mother/'Nanna' (55): Rosemary Jean (Retired Midwife)
    DH's father/'Grandad' (63): William Michael (Retired Bookshop owner)
    DH's brother/'Uncle' (28): Sean Benjamin (Electrician)
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Emily Louise Gelson (Reception teacher)
    DW(30): Olivia Katherine (Author)
    DW's maiden name: Lewis
    DW's mother/'Grandma' (63): Nora Alice
    DW's father/'Grandad' (68): Joseph Arthur (Retired RAF pilot)
    DW's sister/'Auntie' (33): Lindsay Sarah (Policewoman)
    DW's sister's husband's name: Kelso Tristram Edwards (Fireman)
    DW's sister's son/'Cousin' (1): Asher Kelso
    DS(10): Alexander Caspar
    DS/DS(7): Jacob Sebastian & Seth Elijah
    DD(5): Georgia Helena
    DD(4): Emmeline Alice
    DD(2): Beatrix Rose
    DS/DD(NB): Zoe Elena & Dexter James

    Male dog (5): Sam (Labrador Retriever)
    Female cat (2): Queenie (Maine Coon)


    William & Rosemary Finch; Nick & Sean.
    Sean Finch & Emily Gelson.

    Joe & Nora Lewis; Lindsay & Liv.
    Lindsay & Kelso Edwards; Asher.

    Nick & Liv Finch; Xander, Jake, Seth, Georgie, Emme, Beatrix, Zoe & Dex (Sam & Queenie).

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    You and your husband both grew up in suburban Chicago and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Husband: Edward Felix Flannery (32, 8th grade math teacher)
    Edward's mother [Grandma]: Olive Esther Flannery (55)
    Edward's father [Grandpa]: William John Flannery (Will,63, Grocery store owner)
    Edward's brother [Uncle]: Benjamin Andrew Flannery (Ben, 28, Contractor)
    Ben's Girlfriend: Emily Sophia Dagnovich (27, 1st grade teacher)

    Wife: Elizabeth Matilda Lowe-Flannery (Hattie, 30, social worker)
    Hattie's mother [Grandma]: Alice Nora Lowe (63)
    Hattie's father [Grandpa]: Arthur Harry Lowe (Artie, 68, traveling salesman)
    Hattie's sister [Aunt]: Brooke Sarah Lowe-Miller (33, psychologist)
    Brooke's husband: Lysander Draco Miller (Andy, 39, police officer)
    Brooke's son [Cousin]: Shane Lucas Miller (1)

    1. Samuel Emmett Flannery (Sam, 10)
    2. Elliot Cade Flannery & Ezra Noel Flannery (Leo & Ezra, 7, Twin)
    3. Isla Eve Flannery (5)
    4. India Josephine Flannery (4)
    5. Anya Noor Flannery (2)
    6. Delilah Leonie Flannery & Archer Edward Flannery (newborn Twins)

    Dog: Bertie (Yorkie, 5)
    Cat: Queenie (Calico Cat, 2)
    June 13th, 2015
    💞 the day I married the love of my life 💞

    || Behara || Begemina || Elif || Ejlem || Luna || Merima ||
    || Amran || Elham || Hakan || Ilijas || Ibrahim || Naser ||

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    Ohio, USA
    Where you live: Pasadena, CA

    DH(32): Aiden Noah Laurence Fig
    DH's Occupation: Electrical Engineer
    DH's surname: Fig
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Dorothy Olive Jean Fig
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Addison Douglas George Fig
    DH's father's former occupation: Former Owner of The Olive Branch, an Italian Restaurant
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Benjamin Leo Dean Fig
    DH's brother's occupation: Construction Worker
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Mia Grace Wozincall
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: Day Care Supervisor

    DW(30): Matilda Katherine Lupito 'Tilda'
    DW's occupation: Fashion Model
    DW's maiden name: Lupito
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Barbara Marilyn Lupito 'Barbie'
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Edgar Joseph Lupito 'Ed'
    DW's father's former occupation: California State Senator
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Carmen Valerie Lupito
    DW's sister's occupation: IT Specialist
    DW's sister's husband's name: Deveraux Alastair Green 'Dev'
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: Firefighter
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Justin Ulysses Green

    DS(10): Jack Emmett Fig
    DS(7): Sebastian Orlando Fig
    DS(7): Raphael George Fig 'Rafe'
    DD(5): Vera Helena Eve Fig
    DD(4): Katherine Dahlia Elle Fig 'Kitty'
    DD(2): Lola Genevieve Rose Fig
    DS/DD(NB): Nicholas Beau Fig & Elena Carmen Zoe Fig 'Lena'

    Male dog (5): Walt
    Breed: Bloodhound

    Female cat (2): Elsa
    Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eve - Johanna - Lana - Lena - Sally - Zanna

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    Kent, UK
    Isaac Matthew Ford ‘Zac’ (Accountant, 32)
    Dorothy Esther Ford ‘Dot’ (Teacher, 55)
    William Charles Ford ‘Will’ (Former car dealership owner, 63)
    Benjamin Joshua Ford ‘Ben’ (Plumber, 28)
    Sophia Louise Quigley ‘Fia’ (Nurse, 27)

    Elizabeth Vivienne Lake ‘Beth’ (Interpreter, 30)
    Nora Florence Lake (Journalist, 63)
    Theodore Robert Lake ‘Ted’ (Ambassador, 68)
    Ruby Elaine Lake (Lawyer, 33)
    Fergus Jotham Taylor (Soldier, 34)
    Declan Gregory (1)

    Daniel Emmett ‘Dan’ (10)
    Jacob Arthur ‘Jake’ and George Anthony (7)
    Charlotte Helena ‘Lottie’ (5)
    Alice Josephine (4)
    Genevieve Rose ‘Eve’ (2)
    Apolline Elena ‘Polly’ and Dexter Nicholas ‘Dex’ (NB)
    Domino the Dalmation (5)
    Bree the Russian Blue (2)

    Will & Dot have Zac and Ben.
    Ted & Nora have Ruby and Beth.
    Zac & Beth have Dan, Jake, George, Lottie, Alice, Eve, Polly and Dex; and their pets Domino and Bree.
    Fergus & Ruby have Declan.
    23 year old name lover, ISTJ
    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty four:
    Alice, Daisy, Eulalie, Esme, Henrietta, Ingrid, Isadora, Lorna, Nina, Opal, Romilly & Simona
    Dexter, Frederick, Henry, George, Joseph, Magnus, Phillip, Ronan, Theodore, Vincent, Walter & Wilfred

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