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    Create A Family (using namebanks) 🌻

    You and your husband grew up in the same place and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Where you live: you choose

    Name your husband's family, your family and the family that you now have together. Choose each person's first and middle name from the name bank!

    DH(32): Aiden, Alexander, Blake, Brandon, Colin, Edward, Felix, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jonathan, Laurence, Malachy, Matthew, Nicholas, Noah, Patrick
    DH's occupation: you choose
    DH's surname: beginning with 'F'
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Anne, Beverly, Daphne, Dorothy, Esther, Evelyn, Heather, Helen, Jean, Nancy, Olive, Penelope, Rosemary
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Addison, Charles, Douglas, Dominic, Eric, George, John, Larry, Michael, Sylvester, Toby, Vincent, William
    DH's father's former occupation: business owner of some kind, e.g, owner of a bakery
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Andrew, Benjamin, Cameron, Damien, Dean, Dylan, Heath, Joshua, Leo, Maxwell, Nicholas, Sean, Zachary
    DH's brother's occupation: a job that involves manual labour
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Common first and middle name, unusual surname
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: a job which requires patience

    DW(30): Alison, Charlotte, Diana, Elizabeth, Grace, Hailey, Jane, Juliet, Katherine, Kylie, Lara, Matilda, Nicole, Olivia, Rose, Selena, Vivienne
    DW's occupation: you choose
    DW's maiden name: beginning with 'L'
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Alice, Barbara, Candace, Celeste, Florence, Kimberly, Marilyn, Nora, Priscilla, Theresa, Victoria, Wendy
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Arthur, Bernard, Edgar, Ernest, Harry, Joseph, Louis, Malcolm, Oliver, Robert, Stephen, Theodore, Todd
    DW's father's former occupation: a job which involves travelling
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Amy, Andrea, Bethany, Brooke, Carmen, Elaine, Lindsay, Molly, Paige, Ruby, Samantha, Sarah, Valerie
    DW's sister's occupation: a job that requires someone intelligent and hard working
    DW's sister's husband's name: unusual first and middle name, common surname
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: a job which requires bravery
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): you choose, but his first name must start with the same letter as your eldest son

    DS(10): Alexander, Alfred, Boone, Caspar, Daniel, Desmond, Emmett, Flynn, Jack, Regan, Robin, Ryan, Samuel, Sawyer

    DS(7): Arthur, Brandon, Cade, Daniel, Elliot, Grant, Harper, Jacob, Michael, Orlando, Remy, Sage, Sebastian
    DS(7): Amory, Anthony, Benjamin, Calixto, Charles, Elijah, Ezra, George, Julian, Lark, Noel, Peter, Raphael, Seth

    DD(5): Anne, Aster, Arcadia, Aurora, Bree, Charlotte, Eve, Faline, Georgia, Helena, Isla, Jade, Lacey, Regina, Vera

    DD(4): Alice, Cara, Chloe, Dahlia, Elle, Emmeline, Hermione, India, Josephine, Katherine, Madeline, Ruby, Winona

    DD(2): Acacia, Anya, Beatrix, Celestine, Daisy, Genevieve, Gwyneth, Ione, Lola, Noor, Rose, Seraphine, Tansy, Victoria

    DD: Apolline, Cressida, Carmen, Delilah, Ethel, Elena, Faith, Holly, Jamie, Leonie, Nola, Paige, Zoe
    DS: Angelo, Archer, Beau, Cameron, Carey, Darcy, Dexter, Edward, Emmanuel, Hadley, James, Nicholas, Noel

    Male dog (5): Bertie, Cody, Domino, Earl, Ozzie, Sam, Walt
    Breed: any big dog breed

    Female cat (2): Bree, Elsa, Lily, Missy, Pandora, Queenie, Zara
    Breed: your favourite cat breed

    List your family along with their names, ages, occupations, and include any other details like appearances and personalities if you wish! 🌸

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    You and your husband grew up in the same place and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Where you live: Vancouver, BC.

    Name your husband's family, your family and the family that you now have together. Choose each person's first and middle name from the name bank!

    DH(32): Patrick Alexander
    DH's occupation: Fisherman
    DH's surname: Favre
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Olive Penelope
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Toby Vincent
    DH's father's former occupation: owner of a restaurant in Quebec
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Maxwell Damien
    DH's brother's occupation: Also a fisherman, working on the same boat as his brother.
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Alyssa Melinda Voisake
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: Nurse

    DW(30): Rose Matilda
    DW's occupation: Singer
    DW's maiden name: LeFleur
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Celeste Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Harry Joseph
    DW's father's former occupation: Marine biologist
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Valerie Samantha
    DW's sister's occupation: Field biologist
    DW's sister's husband's name: Soren Octavius White
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: Firefighter
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Sidney Harold

    DS(10): Sawyer Boone

    DS(7): Elliot Sage
    DS(7): Seth Amory

    DD(5): Helena Isla

    DD(4): Alice Emmeline

    DD(2): Anya Daisy

    DD: Leonie Nola
    DS: Beau Nicholas

    Male dog (5): Walt
    Breed: German Shepard

    Female cat (2): Bree
    Breed: Bengal

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    DH(32): James Alexander
    DH's occupation: Doctor
    DH's surname: Foster
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Rosemary Evelyn
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): George William
    DH's father's former occupation: owned a bookshop
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Leo Benjamin
    DH's brother's occupation: builder
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Emily Rose Wazakowski
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: counsellor

    DW(30): Matilda Elizabeth
    DW's occupation: Classics teacher
    DW's maiden name: Lawrence
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Florence Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Harry Arthur
    DW's father's former occupation: foreign correspondant
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Sarah Molly
    DW's sister's occupation: lawyer
    DW's sister's husband's name: Edmund Percival Smith
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: soldier
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Alfred Max

    DS(10): Alexander Flynn

    DS(7): Arthur Sebastian
    DS(7): George Charles

    DD(5): Charlotte Isla

    DD(4): Alice Hermione

    DD(2): Beatrix Rose

    DS/DD(NB): Edward James & Delilah Elena

    Male dog (5): Domino
    Breed: Labrador

    Female cat (2): Elsa

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    You and your husband grew up in the same place and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Where you live: Portland, ME

    DH(32): Noah Blake Fielder
    DH's occupation: vet
    DH's surname: Fielder
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Rosemary Anne
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Douglas William
    DH's father's former occupation: owner of a general store
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Maxwell Sean *Max*
    DH's brother's occupation: plumber
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Rachel Amelia Bellafiore
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: receptionist at a dentist office

    DW(30): Matilda Vivienne Lachlan *Tilly* Fielder
    DW's occupation: doctor
    DW's maiden name: Lachlan
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Nora Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Harry Bernard
    DW's father's former occupation: trucker
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Bethany Samantha *Beth*
    DW's sister's occupation: pharmacist
    DW's sister's husband's name: Zeben Bronx Mitchell
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: fireman
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Eli Colin

    DS(10): Emmett Ryan

    DS(7): Elliot Brandon *Leo*
    DS(7): Noel Anthony

    DD(5): Aurora Aster *Rory*

    DD(4): Ruby Madeline

    DD(2): Seraphine Victoria *Sera*

    DD: Zoe Faith
    DS: Beau Edward

    Male dog (5): Domino
    Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

    Female cat (2): Pandora
    Breed: Maine Coon
    Ansel Grayer, Bodhi Coven *Bo*, Elliot Denali *Leo*, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Rafferty, Foster Emmons, Jedidiah Loyal *Jedi*, Jethro Merrick, Julian Everest, Koa Leeu, Otter Pacey, Seaton Milo, Serephin Matteo *Finn*, Shepherd Kellan, Theodore Viggo *Thor*
    Avia Linden Soleil, Caitrin Meadow, Callie Rue Eliza, Esme Regina Poet, Farley Jasmine, Gaia Winter Maren, Hazel Bliss, Kendra Hollow, Linnea Echo, Oona Maple, Phoebe Calla, Rosalind Vale *Lindy*, Rowena Fate *Rowen*, Sage Mirabai, Scout Amelia

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    New Hampshire
    DS: Alexander Jack (10)
    DS: Sebastian Daniel (7)
    DS: Julian Noel (7)
    DD: Vera Eve (5)
    DD: Madeline Alice (4)
    DD: Anya Victoria (2)
    DS: Paige Holly (nb)
    DS: James Archer (nb)

    Alex, Seb, Ian, Vera, Made, Anya, Paige, James

    Alexander Owen ~ Patrick Thomas ~ Jeremy Shea ~ Nolan Jack ~ Conor Arlo ~ Evan Daniel ~ Samuel Mark
    Nora ~ Claire ~ Stella ~ Maura ~ Madeleine ~ Violet ~ Victoria ~ Ava ~ Gabrielle ~ Leah ~ Soleil

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