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    Need help picking boy name! What do you think of these.........

    Roman Nicholas
    Sawyer Nicholas
    Brooks Nicholas
    Lincoln Nicholas

    Open for suggestions! We appreciate it -- boy names are so hard for us

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    I love Brooks! Lincoln is cute, too. Those would be my favorites!

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    I put thm in order from my favourites to lest favourite:
    1) Roman Nicholas
    2) Lincoln Nicholas
    3) Sawyer Nicholas
    4) Brooks Nicholas

    That being said, I do like all these names.

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    You have nice taste!! I really like all 4 names on your list! I adore Lincoln & Sawyer actually. Lincoln's my fave!! It's modern & cool. I've really started loving that name lately! Sawyer's in the 2nd spot for me. Followed by Brooks, then Roman. The only name that doesn't flow as well with Nicholas in my opinion, is Brooks, being that both end in an S's. My vote would be for Lincoln Nicholas, but you really wouldn't be going wrong with any of them. Best wishes!!

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    I like Roman best but followed oh so closely by Lincoln.
    Then Sawyer and I don't really care for Brooks.

    P.s.- Nicholas is a wonderful mn choice! Kudos!

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