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    I love Amadeus, Aristotle, Coltrane, Dorian, Elmo, Forrest, Galileo, Huckleberry, Macaulay, Sherlock and Sylvester. However, these names have strong associations which means many are considered unusable. *sigh* Alas, they will remain on my GP list.
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    I adore the name Fiona, but Shrek has kind of turned me off from the name. I'm hoping by the time I have kids that no one will automatically think of an ogre if I decided to use it.

    Other names I like that people I know have tainted:
    Reed (Although I prefer Reid)
    Aubrey ( I know two Aubrey's. One good, one bad)
    Not expecting, just love collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 23 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

    Girl names: Juliet Elaine, Madeline Hope, Linnea Carys, Stella Vivienne, Emilia Noelle, Clara Felicity, Violet Eleanora, Lydia Charlotte, Elaine Victoria, Evelyn Ruby

    Boy names: Jonathan Rhys, Wesley Quinn, Evan Robert, Joel Dominic, Quinn Patrick, Dawson Cole, Judah Nathaniel, Rhys Jeremiah, Roman Gabriel, Lachlan Jude

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    Names I like but feel are too strongly tied to one person or character;

    Atticus - although wonderful character to name after
    Delilah - this is more the song!
    Harper - Beckam owned now

    I'm sure there are more.

    My OH vetoed Emile which I love because of a footballer!!!
    Silas Robert Patrick - 7/10/13

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    Anna [ah-nah] has always been one of my favourites. I'm terrified that if I named my daughter this, she'd always get referred to as the character from Frozen (though it's not off the table now).

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    The one for me that is too close to a character/ real person is Jase (Too many Duck Dynasty references already!)
    I suppose we could use Jason or Jasper though, with Jase as a nn...

    There's other names that i love that are more common, but in my mind, still tied to someone/something famous. Doesnt mean they're ruled out. And others wouldn't make the connection unless they knew me well and knew where the name came from, LOL.

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