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    Cair Paravel :)

    Opinions on this list of crushes, please!

    I went through, a couple weeks ago, searching for names with international flavor that I might be able to add to my list, and I've come up with a pretty good list, but I'm still not sure which, if any, I want to add to my list, and whether I want them to be in a FN or MN capacity. Thoughts on these? My list is completely unsorted right now, and I'm just trying to make a wee bit of sense of it.

    Anne-Claire OR Anne-Sophie (probably nn Annie)
    Audrey (MN only)
    Odilia (MN only)
    Cosima (MN only)
    Tali (MN only)
    Annabella (although it'll probably get scratched, due to Isabelle being my top choice for a girl for forever, but I am really loving it right now!)
    Winter "Winnie"
    Winifred "Winnie"
    Louisa OR Luella "Lou/Lulu"

    I've listed the ones I know I prefer as a middle. I know for sure I want to use Odilia Claire or Odilia Lily as a double middle somewhere, but I'm having troubles coming up with the perfect FN for it. I also want to get Laerke in somewhere, as well as Cosima, as a middle.

    Anyway. Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions? My top 10 are Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Emmeline, Charlotte, Catherine, Eva, Eleni, and Tess at the moment, so I have room for about 3 more combos. Which of these, if any, should make the cut?
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    List under major construction. Thinking about today:

    Rachel Priya ElizabethDesmond Theo JamesLucia Charlotte WrenGratian Isaac Noel "Gray"
    Seamus RoryNadia EmmanuelleLarson EdmundLydia Eleanor

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    Seems like we have very different tastes, but I'll try to be objective!

    Laerke - I never heard about it until now. Danish version of Lark, right? I really like both, although I prefer it as a middle name.
    Madelief - A great alternative to Madeline/Madeleine.
    Anne-Claire/Anne-Sophie - I prefer Anne-Sophie (although I like both Claire and Sophie, I think Sophie sounds better with Anne). Feels vintagey.
    Audrey - I think it's getting overused.
    Lydia - And this one, too.
    Hazel - Hazel is beautiful. Vintage, yet sounds fresh. I love it.
    Lillian - Lovely. Perhaps it's getting overused, too.
    Penelope - Great choice, love the nickname Penny.
    Odilia - Wonderful name, distinctive yet recognizable. I slightly prefer Ottilia.
    Isla - Fresh, happy and playful. I love it.
    Cosima - Quirky. Interesting choice.
    Eilidh - Would cause lots of spelling/pronunciation problems (assuming you're not in Scotland), but it's lovely.
    Tali - Sweet, although a bit insubstantial as a full name.
    Leona - Quirky and cool.
    Annabella - I think it would make a great alternative if you decide Isabelle is too popular for you.
    Winter - Distinctive choice.
    Winifred - Vintage gem.
    Louisa/Luella - I much prefer Luella, but if I loved both I think I'd keep Louisa. It's a great name, too bad I don't like the sound of it. Luella feels slightly hillbillyish.

    I think Hazel, Penelope, Cosima, Leona and Winter go well with your other favorites.
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    I really like Hazel, Isla, Cosima, Leona, Winter and Anabella. My top three are probably 1. Hazel (I have it on my list, too) 2. Leona (do you like Leonie as a nickname? It's so very cute!) 3. Isla.
    The rest of your list are very lovely, too, but either not my style or a bit hard to pronounce(assuming you will still live in the US/not married to a man from other country). I like Winifred and Winter(Winnie is so cute) but while the first remindes me of King's The Shining too much to truly love, I have an issue with Winter - I still wonder whether it would suit a winter-born or not. I remember on one of these threads about Winter a few berries said it would be cheese for a winter girl so while I love it as a name, I haven't quite decided on it. But, if you have any special connection to the winter season, it would be a stunning name for your daughter.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    @polina - yes, Danish form for Lark. My mom has a Danish name, and Denmark was one of my father's favorite places in the world (his favorite place in Europe for sure), and my grandmother loves birds. So it seems perfect. A little unusual, but I think maybe (hopefully!) Americans could figure it out, with a little bit of time.

    @handsallover - my little sister and I both have Christmas-themed names. So I've always thought of Winter as a way to honor her, but I've only recently thought of actually using Winter up front. I don't think it's a PERFECT match, stylistically, with my other favorites, but I still really love it...
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    List under major construction. Thinking about today:

    Rachel Priya ElizabethDesmond Theo JamesLucia Charlotte WrenGratian Isaac Noel "Gray"
    Seamus RoryNadia EmmanuelleLarson EdmundLydia Eleanor

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    Laerke - I have no idea how to say this at all, but it looks unattractive to me :/ I would prefer Lark.
    Madelief - I don't see the appeal to this one at all. Madeleine or Madeline would be so much nicer.
    Anne-Claire OR Anne-Sophie (probably nn Annie) - Anne-Sophie is beautiful
    Audrey (MN only) - this upsets me, haha Audrey's a favourite of mine and I'd love to see it up front.
    Lydia - meh, I know too many Lydia's that I dislike, but it's still a pretty name.
    Hazel - lovely.
    Lillian - Lillian/Lily have a special spot for me, so I love them.
    Penelope - I prefer this in the middle spot.
    Odilia (MN only) - meh, Odette, Ophelia or Ottilie would be nicer
    Isla - gorgeous but a bit too trendy for me.
    Cosima (MN only) - lovely and would like to see this get more usage to be honest.
    Eilidh - it depends how you are saying it. I know it's traditionally Ay-lee (which I like, but it's waaaay too close to my name), but I've heard Eye-lee too. The traditional one is nicer.
    Tali (MN only) - I've never liked Tali/Talia, they just sound weird to me.
    Leona - Lovely but I prefer Leonie
    Annabella - I love Annabella.
    Winter "Winnie" - Winter is nice, I would use it as a MN though.
    Winifred "Winnie" - eh, it's ok.
    Louisa OR Luella "Lou/Lulu" - I strongly dislike the sound & look of Luella, all it reminds me of is hillbillies. Louisa on the other hand, I adore.

    Some combo ideas:

    Louisa Penelope Winter
    Winter Cosima Hazel
    Lillian Eilidh Winter
    Isla Cosima Audrey
    Lauren. Bethany. Martha. Hollie. Maisie. Megan. Ashleigh. Ellie. Harriet. Rosie.
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