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    I like Magnolia ONLY because of the adorable nickname "Lola"! Lola Bell is just too cute. I'm not actually a fan of Magnolia though. Although I've also seen Lorelei with Lola as a nickname for that.
    I also like Matilda. Very cute!
    Ellanora is so cute! Surprisingly, I don't dislike the alternate spelling. Eleanora has always seemed old looking to me (but not old SOUNDING which is good) just because of the old spelling that people tend to just think Eleanor Roosevelt (or at least I do). But Ellanora is super cute actually. If you're alright with her being called (possibly) Ella Bell...great! It also gives room for lots of nicknames - Ellie, Ella, Nora, Nellie.
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    Great sirname to work with
    One syllable sirnames give you more combinations too, lucky you

    I like Elanora Bell the most out of your list (i prefer only one L to edgy it out a bit). Matilda is lovely too.

    Beatrix is cute but yes there is the possibility of the nn Trixie Bell.

    Based on what I can see of your style and previous replies, here are some other suggestions:

    Gabriella Bell
    Gwendolyn Bell (Nn Wendy. A bit quirky but its kinda of catchy)
    Abigail Bell
    Rosalind Bell
    Lilah Bell (sounds a bit like Lullaby but I like it.
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    I like Madeline and Roselyn. I'm bit on the fence with Roselyn. I prefer Rosaline spelling (although all the rest are nice, too), but I can't make up my mind about pronunciation. Still, Rosaline is name I really like, maybe it stays on my list, maybe I replace it with Rosamund.

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