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  • Elodie

    29 32.22%
  • Eliane

    6 6.67%
  • Eloise

    37 41.11%
  • Other (please share in thread!)

    18 20.00%
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    What is your favourite El- name?

    Hi everyone,

    I made a thread about my debate between Elodie and Eliane a few days ago. Eloise was on that list last year, then I started disliking it and took it off. However, I met an Eloise yesterday, and I'm now back in love with it (weird, huh?). So anyway, clearly I cannot name my 3 daughters Elodie, Eliane and Eloise, so I'd love your opinions on which one is your favourite! I put a poll so that it's easier

    If you prefer another El- name, please post it below, I'd love to hear it! I clearly have a thing for them... I even love Eliam for a boy!

    PS - I am French-Canadian, therefore I pronounce and spell these the French way (Élodie, Éliane, Éloïse...)

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    I love Eleonora! I like Elsa a lot, too. Out of your names, I do really like Eloise.

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    I LOVE all three with the French pronunciations. When pronounced by non French speakers I only like Eloise.
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    Aaaah! I have too many others! Eliza/Elizabeth/Elise is probably holding down the fort as most usable of my others.

    After that I like Elowen, Elke, and Eliezra. I also secretly like Elfrida, but mostly for its meaning.

    I think Eliza strikes a nice balance between Elizabeth's staid classicality and some of the others' "whaaaat?!" so I'll give it to Eliza. I also admire Elizabeth solid but I don't want a Beth.... Elise is nice but mostly as a soft middle... it doesn't feel as like it punches as much as Eliza, it's so gentle...

    ...too many great El- choices!

    I've not even addressed Elinor/Eleanor!

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    Eliane by far. I adore this name.

    Other El- names I like (but not necessary French):
    Elle - I love Elle as a stand alone.
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