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    I'd suggest Felix and Rex are very associated with animals for most people.

    A lot of the names listed above aren't "cat" or "dog" names. They're "people" names that have been appropriated by others (someone you know) and that's why you personally think of them as animal names. But most people certainly wouldn't think of Lucy, for example, as "a dog's name".
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    Sadie and Bailey. I've had a cat named Athena and although I think it's pretty for a human it seems more like a pet name to me.

    But then again I've met a few dogs with my name Lacey.
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    My dogs name is Gemma I can't see that on a baby anymore but I can see it on a teenager or an adult
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    Max, Oscar, Rufus are all dog names for me, Lily and Felix are/were my cats names. Though an old maths teacher did name her cats Sophie and Tara, I think any name could become a dog name, especially with association. Although if I was honest Felix is the only name that I think of as an animal name, thanks to the cat food and my brother's cat I no longer see Felix as a person's name, though that be said if I meet a Felix then maybe that would change.

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    Coco is all dog to me. Or stripper. Similar to Candy, which is delightful on a collie.

    Roxy/Roxie I like for a daughter but I know plenty of people find it doggish, which does bug me somewhat. Of course other people like Bailey/Bayley for their child and I find THAT very very doggy.

    I met a sibset of children named Ruby & Rex and I repeated it (with how adorable they were) to my husband, and he grunted "the mother must have thought she was having cavaliers" (meaning these: Cavaliers)

    If I like a name I'll probably continue to even if I meet a dog by it.

    I don't really name my own pets people names though unless there's some weird story behind it. I called a cat Jack but he was Jack O'Lantern. Kids named Jack aren't weird because I named my orange cat after a pumpkin.

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