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    Pronunciation quesiton

    Would love to know how you all pronounce Adeline. The name is growing on me but I pronouce it like Adelyn. However I am NOT keen on that spelling at all; I think it looks really trendy. I'm not fond of the Ad-ah-line pronounciaiton either because it makes me think of "adding a line" or something. Ad-ah-leen is better but I'm not sold. Are there any alternative spellings for this name besides the trendy ones that end in -lyn?

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    Lovely name! Yes, Adelein and Adeleine are two.

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    I pronounce Adeline with a "line" ending (like the barbershop standard song "Sweet Adeline"). French speakers say "leen". I don't know why anyone would pronounce it with a "lyn" (there is Caroline and Carolyn)
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    I say the "Line" version as well.
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    Another for Ad-ah-line. But my BFF has an Emmeline and says Emma-lynn. If that is what you like, then go for it. I think if you are worried, the only way you won't have to correct people all the time is to go with Adelyn.
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