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    What should you have been named?

    So my friends and I were on Twitter and we came across this topic: What should your parents have named you?

    One of my friends is named Alicia. She would've been named Michaela if it weren't for her grandmother, Alice. Hannah, my other friend, was supposed to be Denise. Her mom still calls her that occasionally, though. I could have been an Alexandria Mary, but then my parents thought it was too long and they settled with Andrea Mae. Andrea is sort of an amalgamation of my grandparents' names (Andres and Alejandra).

    So what's your name story?
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    Edith Vale Ophelia

    Seamus Ocean Crowe

    Charlotte Elisabeth Ann

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    My mother really wanted to name me Jocelyn, but my dad never really got convinced. They had decided on Ariel instead, but at the last minute changed their minds to Jessica (which was too bad since it was the most popular name the year I was born - ugh!). I recently came out as nonbinary so now I go by Sparrow. But sometimes I wish my parents had named me Ariel or Jocelyn, since they would have been easier to work with as far as the whole gender-neutral thing goes (can both me masculine, and Jocelyn could turn to Joss. I've always hated Jesse :P)

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    I have different story than yours. My grandmother decided my name as Kelly and gave strict instruction to not change my name in future. All family members accepted my name.

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    Really? If my mother were that tight with names, I would never ask her for help with naming my child. But Kelly's not too bad. At least you didn't get stuck with something unusual or too unique.
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    Edith Vale Ophelia

    Seamus Ocean Crowe

    Charlotte Elisabeth Ann

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    My mother wanted to name me Kathryn Vivian, after both of my grandmothers, but my father wanted Kortney Kathryn (my last name is also a K... he has an unfortunate sense of humor).
    My mom came across a maternity store called MARISA'S and fell in love with the name, especially because it means "of the sea". They combined that with both of their grandmother's names: Rose and Rosa for my name: Marisa Rose.

    If I had been a boy: Jason Francis.

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