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    Does Richard need a hiatus?

    The thread on swapping partners for celebrities reminded me to ask this...

    Is Richard fit for a boy of today, or do you think it needs a longer hiatus? Richard always felt dated to me, and a year ago I would have wrinkled my nose at Richard, but now I have the associations of Richard Armitage and Richard Madden. They've done a lot to revive this name for me. I find myself thinking about it more often lately.

    If I used Richard, it would have to be a middle name because of an unsavory family association. But any general thoughts on Richard? Is it dated and dull? Handsome and underused? Let's talk about Richard!
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    I love Richard! I've never thought of it as dated though- more of a handsome underused classic, like Peter, Francis or Philip. I would also use it in the middle spot but I'd love to start meeting more young Richards

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    I was just thinking about Richard the other day! It was my grandpa's name. I like Richard with the nickname Ricky but with any other nickname, I don't care for the name.
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    Handsome and underused! I love Richard. It's super kingly and dignified to me. Very handsome. Makes me think of Richard the Lionheart.
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    Richard has a nice sound actually, but Rick and Dick are pretty awful, imo. Rich/Richie is slightly better. But it's not bad for a middle name.
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