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    Mn for Meredith...

    I really like the name Meredith but having a hard time coming up with a middle name. Any suggestions?

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    I know a Meredith June.

    I think Meredith should be followed by a 1-2 syllable gentle sounding name (not too consonant heavy).
    Meredith Kate
    Meredith Lucy
    Meredith Aliya
    Meredith Ella - love this!
    Meredith Calla
    Meredith Julia
    Meredith Leah - Love this too!

    Annabel, Beatrice, Tessa, Pippa, Clara, Kit, Evie, Augusta

    Oscar, Albus, Felix, Ronan, Wally, Wyatt, Henry, Charlie

    please vote on my name list!

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