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    I need help with middle names!

    I want something cool, artsy, and badass to go with the name Alexandria.
    I dont really want anything that ends with an a, just because that's what her first name ends in.


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    If you can provide more ideas about your naming style that would be appreciated but names that seem arty to me are:
    Alexandria Poet
    Alexandria Lyric
    Alexandria Halcyon
    Alexandria Icy
    Alexandria Fleur
    Alexandria Linnea
    Alexandria Dove
    Alexandria Amaryllis (Too many As and too long but I love it anyway haha)
    Alexandria Ceridwen
    Alexandria Noelle
    Alexandria Maeby
    Alexandria Lily
    Alexandria Monet
    Alexandria Ebony

    Bardo Levi nn Bear
    Ford Gatsby

    Halcyon Prairie
    Filomena Harbour
    Hebe Evening
    Lucille Poet

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