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    Alexandra or Alessandra?

    We have narrowed down our dd's name to either Alexandra - classic, timeless and elegant or Alessandra - softer, more voluptuous sounding and romantic.

    Though not a fan of some nns, she would likely be known as either Alex or Alessi to friends (in Australia it's inevitable). Mn is Winter.

    Would hugely appreciate some input.

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    I vote for Alessandra! I was born in the 80's and went to school with 7 Alexandra's all nn'ed Alex, so it feels a little dated and tired to me. But I do appreciate that it's a classic. I love the soft sounds of Alessandra, and I think it fits in beautifully with the trend of long romantic girls names while still being a bit different! My favourite nn is Essie

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    Thank you circus85. I too knew a lot of Alex's at school come to think of it. Essie is a gorgeous nn that I hadn't considered.

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    If you don't mind the extra syllable my personal fave is Alexandria with the "i" in it. Otherwise, I think Alexandra nn Xandra or Xandi is best.

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    I vote Alessandra nn Essie as well. Hands down!! I know waaay to many Alex's & it feels unoriginal. Alessandra is such a pretty & sophisticated name. And I adore Essie!! It's adorable & unique. I hope you choose it!!

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