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    Give me names similar to...

    I feel like I'm all over this forum today, ha!

    My boyfriend really likes names that have the "Em" or "Ev" sound. (Emmalyn, Evalyn, Everly, Emery, Emmy) So I'd like to get some ideas on what names have that sound so I could suggest them to him. The don't have to start with "Em" or "Ev" but have that sound, or start with e, or even names that you think have the same feel as those names are fine.

    And I have suggested Gemma, and he doesn't like it because he knows a girl whose.. well, not the purest girl in the world to put it nicely, named Jemma. So I think it's out for us *sigh.

    Anyway, I know you guys probably have a ton of suggestions that would work for us instead of Gemma, so I'd love to hear them!
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