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    Alliterative name too much? Maxton/Max Malone?

    Just like almost every other female out there, I've been thinking baby names since I was a little girl. I've always been drawn to M names, but there's now a married name begins with M and I've NEVER been a fan of alliterative names. It's been gnawing at me, so I figured that I'd post on a naming forum.

    My husband likes Mischa. Our last name is Malone. Mischa Malone doesn't sound bad at all, but I almost can't get past the alliteration, but that's what started to open me up to the possibility. I love Molly, but I think Molly Malone is too much. And he doesn't like it. But my main dilemma is Maxton. I LOVE the name Maxton, and really like Max. But I wonder if it's over the top. Maxton Malone doesn't sound too bad to me, but I'm almost afraid that Max Malone sounds like a cartoon character and wouldn't be taken seriously. As a female with a boys' name, a name taken seriously is VERY important to me since I don't take mine seriously, especially as an adult. I don't want a boy to grow up and he no longer fit his name.

    So long story short, what do you guys think of:

    Mischa Malone

    Molly Malone

    and most importantly Maxton/Max Malone?

    too much, cartoon character, good names?

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    My brother's name is alliterative and very, very close to Max Malone. Certainly this is a bias for me, but I think Max Malone works well.

    I know this wasn't part of your original question but I also happen to like some other forms of Max better than Maxton; Maxwell, Maximilian, Maximiliano, etc. Maxton sounds made-up to me.

    Good luck with your choice!
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    I understand what you mean about Maxton sounding made up. I have had issues with that because having an untypical first name has led me to a disposition of using "normal" names. Maxton is about as far out as I'll ever get. I feel as if it's unique enough, while still fairly safe. I could meet an adult Maxton today and not think twice about his parents' decision. I think it could still be professional. I like Maximillian and Maximus, but I feel as though those are too many "M"s. Maximilian Malone...see? And Max would always be a good alternative if he felt the way you do. Thank you for your opinion! I greatly appreciate it!

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    Mischa is fine but I don't think 'maxton' flows well at all. Strangely, I have no problem with Max Malone, so maybe it's the name itself that I don't like. I much prefer Macsen and Maksim to get Max/Macs/Maks.

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    Maxton Malone otally sounds like a comic book character - but like he would be a detective hero or something, and I LOVE THAT.

    Maxton to me seems trendy, it fits in with all the -ton endings that are so popular right now (payton's crowd). I think I prefer Maxwell, if you like Max names - its a more established first name, and then if the alliteration does become a nuisance he can always go by Welles or something.
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