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    Thoughts on my list...

    Here is a my fav list of boy names opinions welcome


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    Noah--a good strong name, but I know so many that I'm sick of it.
    Tristan--love it! Soft but still masculine, and nice literary namesake.
    Josiah--NMS but a good name, and a good alternative to Noah
    Leo--like it. Very cute, but not too cute for a full first name.
    Asher--I want to like it, but I don't. The soft first syllable and harsh second are grating and unattractive to me.
    Elias--my favorite on your list. all-around gorgeous name.
    Julia Catherine

    History major~activist~author~lifelong name nerd~future mother

    Nathan, Robert, David, Luke, August, Eliot, Daniel (Danny), James (Jamie), Samuel (Sam), Joseph (Joe/Joey), Alexander (Sasha), Francis (Frank/Frankie),Theodore (Ted/Teddy), Erik, Paul

    Mary, Catherine (Cat/Catlin), Eulalia (Lou/Loula), Louise, Anna, Jane, Rose, Fern, Aoife, Charlotte, Hope, Honor, Grace

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    I really like Elias! Leo is really nice as well. Noah, Asher, Josiah and Tristan are just NMS.

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    I love Josiah the most.
    Leo and Noah are in second.
    Asher is ok, I wish it was Ashton or Ashford instead.
    Tristan has always sounded too much like Kristen to me, and I have bad associations with Kristen.
    I love Christian though.
    Elias is ok. I like Elijah better, but this is a nice alternative.
    You may also like: Taylor, Schuyler, Rhys, Lennox, Palmer, Emmett, Orlando, Theo, and Greyson.
    Also, Landon, Kai, Flynn, Parker, Rylan, Ryland, or Caleb seem like your taste.

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