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Thread: Miles or Colin?

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    LOVE Miles, only like Colin. Miles Henry is great.
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    hanks for your opinions! I should clarify that we like both names but I am leaning more towards Miles, husband more towards Colin.

    Do you think Miles goes with a "z" last name, as in zy....??

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    Definitely, Miles works with a Z last name. The 's' at the end of Miles followed by the 'Z' of your surname doesn't bother me at all. In fact, in my opinion, it makes it flow even smoother. Miles is a head & shoulders above Colin for me & Miles Henry Zy.... sounds great!!!
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    My vote is for Colin! It is a really handsome, classic name. Miles has always felt a little "weak" to me. And I am not a fan of the way the final "s" sound in Miles would run into the beginning "Z" sound of your last name.

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    Both are great names, but I prefer Colin I also think it would be better with your last name.
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