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    Don't like :
    Nicholas & Chrisoula ( Poor Chrisoula. Their mother is expected her third, a little girl who are going to name Stavroula. Way to matching with Chrisoula but all honors grandparents) .
    Elizabeth & Emilia (Elizabeth feels classy & Emilia trendy. )

    Somes I like :
    Mariana & Eirini nn Rena.
    Vasilis & Tatiana
    Aggelos, Vasilis & Eugenia nn Jenny.
    "I felt that I breathed an atmosphere of sorrow"

    Rosa Nightingale Thomasin Orchid Edith Remember Zuleika Evening Belladonna Selene Orphéa Requiem Lilith Anastasia Nocturne Ophelia Séraphine Wildrose Juniper Echo Persephone Forest Suzanne Psyche Belphoebe Sonnet
    Orpheus Elgar Thorin Prometheus Gideon Achilles Amadeus Vale Lucien Florence Casimir Leo Dante Alexander Wolf Brahm Vesper Viktor Peregrin Algernon Poe Alexander Corvus Dorian Casper Damian Sparrow

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    I recently interviewed for a nanny position with three boys...
    Carson, Carter, and Cardon. This is by far the worst sibset I have heard. (While I do like the names Carter and Carson, all of them together is much to similar...)
    Another one, I find mismatched is Austin, Kyle, Eliana, and Joaquin. The last child's name doesn't fit at my opinion.

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    My grandma and her sisters are Immacolata, Maria, Gemma, Caterina and Stella. I think it is a nice sibling set, although I think they are all named for family members. Also have a set of first cousins (sisters) called Maja and Elli (Swedish names), and a set of second cousins (sisters) called Olivia and Louise, I think both of those work well as pairs. A friend babysat a trio of siblings named Isl@, Frey@ and Lars, I thought that was gorgeous.

    I have second cousins (brother and sister) called J@nelle and J@yden, I have always thought that was really bad. Fortunately they are lovely.

    Other sets I have come across that aren't really to my tastes-
    Valentina & Jacquelina
    Lanetta & Jeanetta
    Christian & Sebastian
    Arthur, Ira, Rune, Sid, Phinnaeus, Silas, Tadhg
    Caspian, Tempest, Sable, Selah, Taliesin, Mina, Fauve, Seraphim

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