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    Sep 2012
    Some lovely subsets I know:
    Cassidy & Maddison
    Joel & Amelia
    Nicolas & Sadie
    Sean & Alex

    Ones that don't really match (IMO)
    Twin girls Blair & Breanne
    Derek & Denielle
    Shannon, Megan, Christine, Candace
    Genelle, Morgan, Christina
    James, Hudson
    Maddox (Max) James 08.31.13.

    Boys Favourites: Holden, Theron (Theo), Aidan, Killian

    Girls Favourites: Rosalie, Lucy, Lyra, Isla

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    Worst sibset I've heard were Jaden & Jadelle. I don't like names that are too similar or rhyming sib names. A mismatched one I disliked was Luciana & Skylar (boy). Just bad.

    My favorites I've seen are:

    Edgar, Penelope and Emily

    Noah, Eden and Elijah
    Current Favorites:

    Girls: Ruby, June,Penelope, Pepper, Matilda, Chloe, Arya, Aurelia, Cricket, Myfawnwy

    Boys: Jack, Phillip, Patrick, Sebastian, Bennett, Copper

    If I had a child tomorrow I'd name it:
    Ruby June or Sebastian Patrick

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    Wendy, Lillian, David, Isabella, Charlotte
    Daniel, Hannah, Ivan, Milton, Clarissa nn Clary, Nicholas

    Tylor and Tayler (both girls)
    Jordyn, Dylan, Corbyn (Dylan is alright but the other two are dreadful)
    Juice and Gup

    My uncle and his wife have a theme for their kids' names: Lincoln, Mercedes, and Lexus!

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    Northern England
    Tyler, Ellie and Roman I'm not a fan of.

    Best I know... I know twins Rebecca and Delphi, which for some reason just sound amazing together even though they're vastly different. I also think Abigail, Claudia and Benjamin sound perfect even though I dislike all names individually.
    ★ O L I V I A ★
    (seventeen, student / traveller, obsessively maternal and owner of darling black cat Shura)

    Emmett - Alec - Rufus - Wilfred - Eoghan
    Trudie - Fenella - Aoife - Jemima - Eilidh

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    Henry, Oliver, Abraham, Violet
    Nicola, Sam, Alice (Nicola chose Sam's name and Sam chose Alice's )
    Susan and Pamela

    Allison and Elliot (I just don't really like them together)
    Jonathan and Jeffery (Not bad on its own but considering their parents are named Judy and Julius)
    Catelin Geneva
    Just highschooler by day author by night obsessed with names and future babies when she's much older.

    Cecily Eirwen Ophelia, Belphoebe Judith Primrose, Isolde Bellona Winter, Circe Guinevere Florence
    Rainier Gideon Wolf, Eddard Severus Wolf, Peregrin Julius Harrow, Dorian Oliver Fox, Casimir Endymion Silver

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