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    I know an Erica, Abigail, & Bruce, which I think is cute, but I may be being biased because Erica (the person) is so nice. I do feel that Abigail stands out a bit when you look at it, but they sound great together.
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    I know sisters named Kendall and Kennelly. I don't like the names to begin with, but together they are too match and trendy.
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    The worst that I have heard so far has got to be a coworker of mine who named her twin daugters Flower and Petal. She's really into nature and all of that but maybe they'd be better nn or mn.

    The best that I have heard has been my neighbors Samuel and Nathan!
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    I know a great sibset of Madeline, Alexandra, Olivia, and Claire. A notable terrible sibset is Chance, Lance, Vance, and Beau.
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    The best sibset I've come across in a while has been Lorien, Grayson, Canon, Brayden, and Sheridan.

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