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    Joanna or Johanna Edwards

    Hi Berries love the names Joanna and Johanna, I was sold on the Joanna spelling until I was looking at my family tree and realised my great great great great great grandmother and great great great grandmother were Johanna's and a distant cousin that died at 20 was Johanna. So my question, I'm torn as I love Joanna and find the simplicity and Johanna looks beautiful but incomplete for my liking. A family name will be used as a middle regardless.

    Do you think Joanna or Johanna would be better?


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    I prefer Johanna. Not sure why... I just like it visually, I guess.
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    I pronounce them differently. To me Johanna is Jo-Hanna, with the H pronounced (I also have several people with the name Johanna in my family tree and this is how they pronounced it). This is my favourite spelling
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    I think Joanna works as a tribute to your family Johannas, so if you strongly prefer it you should go with it.

    I love how Johanna looks, but the pronunciation always gives me pause. Some say it like Joanna, others Jo-Hanna, others Yo-ahna. This can be a good thing especially if you like the non-Joanna pronunciations.

    I can't even decide which to like more. Johanna can get confusing, but visually I really like it. They're both winners in my book.
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    I have the same problem love the pronounciation of Joanna but can't get my head around the differebt pronunciations for Johanna.

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