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    Long list of nothing wonderful and 4 days to go!

    Kinda getting desperate as no name seems "right" and my c-section date was moved up. After years of reading these forums (for my first 2) I finally registered to get some help this time around. My husband vetoed all my traditional/Hebrew/biblical type names or variants (Hannah, Rachel, Leah, Noemi - although maybe I can get Hannah back in the running?) and I vetoed most of his hard consonant names (Veronica, Victoria, Brinn). I tend to like French names and flowly names with lots of vowels and the letters L or S it seems, although I seem to have so shorter cutesy names on the list here too. Some are suggestions of friends and family that I have on b/c I feel I wouldn't have much of a list without them. I need help! We have a single syllable last name. I'd love some additions to my list that might satisfy us both, or even just make me feel like yes, that is perfect. I will star my faves on the list, but I really need help! Siblings are Joshua Cole (we call him Cole, though I love both his names and we both agreed on both) and James Asher (we call him James - I wanted him to be Benjamin, and my husband picked both his names - and pushed me to stick with them as we were leaving the hospital. Not going to happen this time!)

    Aurelia - variant option - Aurelie (loved this since I was a little girl, but not sure if I can make it work?) *
    Claire or Clara (maybe as a middle)
    Eleanor (husband's choice, and he wants nickname "Elle", but I find the full name harsh)
    Juniper (I know, as harsh as Eleanor, but I saw it today and added it)
    Mila (Mee-lah)
    Mira (or Meira?)
    Sabine *
    Sophie *
    Vivienne (was trying to find a V name that seemed softer)

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    Adore Vivienne. Recent friend poll had all thumbs up too.

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    Eloise or Elodie (nn Elle)
    Magdalena or Magdalene (Maggie) just like these with your boys.
    I like Mila and Mira the most from your list.
    Sophie is lovely but there are so many Sophie's around. But is that does not matter to you that is a nice choice.
    current favorite names:



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    From your list, Clara or Mila would have my vote.

    If you like Maya & Lyra, you might like Freya. On of my co-workers has the most gorgeous blonde-haired blue-eyed 6 year old little girl named Freya, & thanks to her, I've fallen in love with the name!

    Irelyn seems like a name that you might like. My husband's cousin recently had a baby girl that she named Irelyn Rae.

    If your husband likes the nickname, Elle, perhaps you'd prefer the names, Ellery, Elena, or Elyse, since you feel Eleanor is a bit too harsh. I'm a fan of all 3 of these.

    My friend has a baby girl, Nyla, & I think her name is sweet & original, & seems similar in sound to some of the names on your list.

    If you like Hannah, you might like Harper. And if you like Aurelia, you might like Atalie. I love both of these!!

    If you're looking for softer 'V' names, how about Veda or Violet? I find both attractive.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!!
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