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    Red face What are you opinions on the name Navy?

    It's my name so be gentle It's actually a family name given to the men on my dad's side of my family, however, my dad is a rebel and didn't see why a girl couldn't have the name as well. It's not unusual to me, but to a lot of people they give me a look like "Did your parents really name you after a branch of the military?" and then they want to ask me if my middle name is Blue.
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    I actually love Navy. It's been on my guilty pleasure list for a long time. I couldn't see myself using it but I would love to meet a little Navy. I think it's pretty. If you middle name is Jane, Navy Jane is awesome!
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    My response is pretty much identical to shilo's! I think it can be very pretty but I don't think I'd have the guts to use it so it's on my GP list

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    It's not my cup of tea - but then again, my dad wanted to use Duke as my middle name at first! (I was apparently going to be Olivia Duke at some point....)

    I don't like it, nor love it - fairly neutral.

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    I'm not a fan, but I have met a little boy Navy before, so I've seen people use it and pull it off.
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