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Thread: Audrina

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    Thank you for your wonderful suggestions in my other post!! My husband might be willing to compromise on Audrina! (I love Audrey but he doesn't). He also kind of likes Audriana but I prefer Audrina.

    What kind of girl do you think of when you see the name Audrina? Do you have positive associations? As an employer, what would you think if you saw Audrina as a first name on a job application? These are things we think about, as much as name discrimination sucks, it's still a real thing so we put the names through these tests.

    Also, are Allegra and Audrina too matchy-matchy? I tend to loathe matchy names but these ones don't seem too bad. I don't mind if they are a different style though, it's only matchiness in sib sets that bothers me.

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    Audrina is really nice! I prefer Audra for it's simplicity, but Audrina is cool!

    I would say Audrina could really be anything. She would definitely be unique, but other than that, she could be popular, a book worm, an athlete, a girly girl - anything. I think it's a very happy sounding name though!

    If I were an employer and I saw an applicant named Audrina, I would be interested. Not just another Sarah or Emily, I would definitely look forward to meeting Audrina because I would think she might be a little wild, crazy and creative. But, that being said, I'm only 17 (ALMOST 18!!! AHHH!), so I don't really know. I am a camp counsellor in the summer, and if I saw the name Audrina on a camper form, I would be pretty excited and curious. I would expect either a) a crazy, confident, goofy girl, who was a bit weird or b) A sweet, shy, happy, creative girl.

    Allegra and Audrina both start and end with a and are 3 syllables, but I think they are very different, versatile names. Especially if they had nicknames like Allie and Audra, I think it could definitely work.
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    Thank you for your feedback!

    More opinions welcome

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    I am not a fan of Audrey at all, but I find Audrina very pretty. I also prefer it over Audra and Audriana (with this one I'd be more inclined to go with Adrianna).

    I have never met an Audrina so I don't have much as far as associations go! If I met someone with this name or saw it on a job app then I'd probably think "oh, how pretty and a little different". Honestly though I'm not the best person to comment on that as I don't care what their name is. Putting myself in the shoes of someone who would discriminate, I'd say you're safe.

    Allegra and Audrina -- not too match for me. The only sounds they actually share in common is the final 'a'.

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    I really like Audrina. It used to be in my list. I think it's a very pretty name. I've never met anyone named Audrina and the only times I've heard the name is on reference to the book or the show The Hills. I agree with other posters that Allegra and Audrina aren't matchy at all.
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