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    Name the Babies G3 RESULTS (peacheysmiles)

    Family #1
    Christabel Blake "Toby" and Dexter Marcus
    DS: Ace Felix (jinglebelldaisy)
    DS: Jett Silas (jinglebelldaisy)
    DS: Duke Jasper (jinglebelldaisy)
    DD: Saskia Lux “Sassy” (bowtiful)
    DS: Zane Elijah (bowtiful)

    Family #2
    Hendry Valor and Annesley Charlotte
    DS/DD: Freyson Beauregard & Willora Lucienne (minisia)
    DS: Bristan Archibald (minisia)
    DD: Avida Minerva (amazingrace)
    DD: Japetta Enid (claraoswinoswald)
    DD/DD: Zulila Joy/Chrysala Rowena (jinglebelldaisy/claraoswinoswald)

    Family #3
    Scout Catherine and Colt Faron
    DD: Theresa Coraline (claraoswinoswald)
    DD: Rhoswin Faye (little.lottie710)
    DS: Gunther Rhys (lovemybabies29)
    DS: Stanton Lachlan (jinglebelldaisy)
    DS: Raleigh Nickleby (riannefox)

    Family #4
    Lock Collins and Fiona Duvet
    DS: Khaki Leopold (invisiblestudent)
    DD: Lively Milou (riannefox)
    DS: Stone Titan (hailey)
    DS: Nickel Orson (fantastique)
    DAD: Poésie Quinn (little.lottie710)
    DD: Island Jemma (lovemybabies29)

    Family #5
    Glimmer Bay Azalea and Rocker Jameson
    DD: Perfect Pretty Princess (invisiblestudent)
    DS: Ace King Jack (jinglebelldaisy)
    DAD: Bai Bai Birdie (riannefox)
    DS/DS: Just Anotherbrick Inthewall/Sabbath Gunner Rose (little.lottie710/minisia)
    Perfect: Lovely Little Lady the white persian cat (bowtiful)
    Ace: Card the white rabbit (riannefox)
    Bai: 走 (Go) the colorful bird (jinglebelldaisy)
    Just: Floyd the dalmatian (claraoswinoswald)
    Sabbath: Slash the black lab (minisia)

    Family #6
    Lorenzo Eagle and Giulietta Francesca
    DS: Sorrento Zane (lovemybabies29)
    DD/DD/DS: Geneva Xanthe/Biella Yvaine/Oslo Wolfram (bb/riannefox/claraoswinoswald)
    DP: Timble the female kitten (little.lottie710)
    DD: Cashmere Viola (emitheduckling)
    DFD: Phoebe Hope (bb)
    DFS: Hudson Finn (emitheduckling)
    DD: Fairlie Temperance (shanade213)
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett
    Sterling Joel/Dashiell Colm

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