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Thread: wilderness boys

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    wilderness boys

    Looking for feedback and suggestions for our boy's list. We've been sitting on the girl's list for several months and still love them all, so I think we have our top ten for girls. The boys just don't feel right, not all of them. We like nature, fantasy, literature, mythology names. As you can see, we're not opposed to "made up" names if it's from a work of fiction we both love. Taking all suggestions and feedback. A name you can picture on a wilderness loving boy.

    Caspian - I've tried every middle I can think of here and nothing ever feels like it's the one

    Conrad Elessar - thoughts on this? Elessar is Aragorn's name once he's crowned. It means elf stone in Quenya.

    Damian Sparrow - no feedback needed, we both like this one and it's been pretty set as a top ten for over a year. This is our idea of a perfect name.

    Desmond Finvarra - feedback on this please. Some days I think the two names work great, other times it sounds too pretentious. Would Desmond be better with a nice nature name? Finvarra is nice, but neither of us feel passionate about it.

    Evander Hart - this one doesn't need feedback either. We like it just fine. Leaving it here to show what we like.

    Gwydion Agathon - Too much -on ending syllable going on? Last name ends with -an. Gwydion will always be on my list. Agathon comes and goes.

    Jorah - love this name. Like Caspian, nothing seems to work. Maybe it's time to retire Jorah? Ugh.

    Malachi Bjorn - feedback please. Malachi we love. Bjorn is fun, a nice nod to our love of nature (bear) and both of our Scandi ancestry.

    Peregrin Llyr - this may be getting cut as much as I don't want to cut it. As much as I love Peregrin, I'm not sure I can picture him as my son. Maybe another Tolkien name? A different nature name? We used to have Griffin.

    Theodore Finglas - Theodore stays. I love Finglas, SO says it's cool but nothing special. Another Tolkien name, he was an ent, one of the oldest, which I think is neat because it's nature and literature, sort of like Peregrin.

    Other names we've considered: Caspian Ward, Ezra Ivanhoe Thorn, Griffin Woodrow Hale, Mateo Wilder, Everett, Colin, Rune, Story, Kester, Kestrel, Winter, North
    Gωeηdσℓeη __ __ ● Lσreℓei Siℓver Oη∂iηe ● Octαviα ωiℓ∂rσse __ ● Suηηivα __ __ ● Ƭαbitɦα єiℓσηωƴ Sησω
    ●●● ●●● ●●●
    Cαsρiαη Wiℓder __ ● Dαmiαη Sραrrσω __ ● єvαηder __ __ ● Koηrαd Bℓαise __ ● Mαℓαchi Ƭristαη Bjσrη

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    Do you like Desmond Jorah or Gwydion Jorah? Or maybe even Desmond Llyr? Caspian Llyr?

    Conrad doesn't read as outdoorsy to me at all. I imagine a pale, skinny kid who stays inside reading in his little reading nooks/hiding places around the house.

    Damian Sparrow, Evander Hart, and Malachi Bjorn are all fantastic.

    Hm, middle name ideas for Theodore... Theodore Llyr, Theodore Hale, Theodore Wilder, Theodore Rune, Theodore Kestrel, Theodore Winter? I also like Caspian Wilder, Caspian Hale, and Caspian Winter. What about Snow for a boy? I like it as a middle for Theodore and Caspian. Or even Gwydion Snow, Gwydion Hale, and Gwydion Winter.

    (Sorry, I'm not great with this style. I just mix and matched what you already had.)
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    Hmm, you've actually given me some ideas, Maple. Sometimes it just takes someone else playing with your names. I like quite a few of the combos you've made. I can't believe I haven't considered them. You're imagery for Conrad is adorable. I'd love to have a Conrad like that. We're both big readers as well as being outdoor-y, so hopefully our kids love books as much as they love nature.

    I'm going to ponder the following:

    Desmond Llyr
    Theodore Llyr, Theodore Rune, Theodore Snow
    Caspian Wilder, Caspian Winter
    Gwydion Hale, Gwydion Winter

    Gωeηdσℓeη __ __ ● Lσreℓei Siℓver Oη∂iηe ● Octαviα ωiℓ∂rσse __ ● Suηηivα __ __ ● Ƭαbitɦα єiℓσηωƴ Sησω
    ●●● ●●● ●●●
    Cαsρiαη Wiℓder __ ● Dαmiαη Sραrrσω __ ● єvαηder __ __ ● Koηrαd Bℓαise __ ● Mαℓαchi Ƭristαη Bjσrη

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    Caspian - Caspian Percy, Caspian Light

    Conrad Elessar - like this, especially Elessar

    Damian Sparrow - nice

    Desmond Finvarra - nice one, too. Suggestion Desmond Lucian, Desmond Lucius, Desmond Fox

    Evander Hart - nice

    Gwydion Agathon - too much -on/-an. Maybe Gwydion Marcel, Gwydion Emil, Gwydion Silas, Gwydion Alaric

    Jorah - Jorah is OK, but maybe you should retire him. Jorah Maximilian, Jorah Edmund, Jorah Juniper, Jorah Merel, Jorah Wulf

    Malachi Bjorn - OK name, but nothing special. Malachi Thor, Malachi Sven, Malachi Sigrid, Malachi Knud, Malachi Magnus, Malachi Axel...

    Peregrin Llyr - thsi one is one of the best. If you don't chose it, I will!

    Theodore Finglas - cute
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    Caspian - Love Caspian! I have Caspian Ulysses and Caspian Holmes on my list, but they may be an acquired taste!
    I really like Caspian Ward, or Caspian Llyr. Caspian Rune or Caspian Wilder could work too.

    Conrad Elessar - I'm not personally a fan of Conrad but I love Elessar. The combo sounds fine though.

    Desmond Finvarra - I'm not really keen on either of these names to be honest, this is one I would cut, personally.

    Gwydion Agathon - I like the double 'n' ending actually, but the 'on' is just a little too much. I actually really like Gwydion Bjorn and Malachi Agathon.
    Or maybe Gwydion Thorn or Gwydion Rune?

    Jorah - Jorah is great! I agree it is difficult to find a middle for though. I actually think it would work well with two middles, maybe to replace Ezra?
    Jorah Ivanhoe Thorn. Or Jorah Woodrow Hale could work.

    Malachi Bjorn - This is ok, no strong opinion either way (see Gwydion)

    Peregrin Llyr - I LOVE Peregrin (spelt this way too!) This is my favourite of all your combos! If it's too much for you up front, why not make it a middle?
    I have Phineas Peregrin on my list. I like Phineas Peregrin Llyr too

    Theodore Finglas - Theodore is wonderful but I dislike the sound of Finglas (as much as I love Tolkien). I love Theodore Wilder or Theodore Winter!
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