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Thread: Adalyn?

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    I love this name on a girl! Since last year I always saw my first daughter being named Adalyn Faith but I was completely shocked when I saw it was ranked #32 on the top 100 list for girls in the U.S. for 2013! I have never met a girl named Adalyn, although I don't hang out with younger children very much so that might be why. Is it really that popular? Do you/your children know anyone named Adalyn (any spelling)? I'm also a teenager so maybe it won't be as popular in 10-15 years when I might start thinking about kids? I don't really want criticism on the name, I just want to know how popular it is. Even if you don't live in the U.S., I'm still interested in your thoughts. Thank you!
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    I know one newborn Adalyn.
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    I love the name and don't know any. I do know one Adeline. I see it on the boards a lot. It is one of the girls on Teen Mom (a show on MTV) daughters name, which may be a cause for the rise. My sis in law is considering it for her baby to be.
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    I'm a teenager too, and I don't know any Adalyn's (or any other spelling of it), but I really only know about 3 kids under the age of 5...

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    Yes, quite popular. The Ad beginning is popular, the Lyn end is popular, and names resembling previously popular names, but with the opening consonant taken off, are popular (Ayla, Addison, Aylee).

    To get the full popularity picture, you have to look at the combined spellings. Adalyn, Adalynn, Adelyn, Addelyn, Addalyn... Not to mention the similar names Adeline, Adelaide, Addison and Addalee.

    It is quite trendy - meaning it rose from nothing to high popularity really quickly. The plus is that if it is still THE name for you in 15 years, it will probably be less popular then.

    When I was in HS the name for me was Charlotte, nicknamed Lottie. It was in the 400s then. Now it's top 50 and I wouldn't use it. So as the years go by, you might drop Adalyn if it feels too trendy to you.
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