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    Masculine plant/flower/tree names?

    My friend is pregnant with her second son and they are really struggling for names. Their son #1 is named Vervain Alexander, so for the first name of son #2 to be a two syllable, plant or flower related name.

    The only ones I could think of were Ambrose (which wouldn't work because their surname is Rose), Rowan (too girly), Heathcliff (to which I got "I might love Wuthering Heights but I'm not naming my son after that psycho"), Asher (too popular) and Basil (too poncy).

    So, I was wonder is any of you knew of any two-syllable plant, flower or tree related names?

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    Birch( middle name idea )

    Alani, Ashton, Ashford, Joshua, Florin, Carver, Forrest, Sylvan, Florian

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    Lennox (elm grove)
    Arlo (barberry tree)
    Sage (unisex so maybe not masculine enough)

    Sorry--didn't see the 2 syllable req. Also, Elmore, Grover, Adair....
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    Leif / Leaf

    I personally think Juniper would also work on a boy.

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    Calix is a flower part

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