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    The way it's pronounced in LOTR (Eomer is Eowyn's older brother).
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    Eomer is OK (like more Eowyn for a girl). Waiting for more suggestions!

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    (Sorry for any repeats)

    Abraxas, Alberich, Aldous, Barthélémy/Bartholomé, Bartleby, Beaumont, Byron, Calloway, Caradoc, Cosimo, Edouard, Elwood, Endymion, Enoch, Ephraim, Erasmus, Eustace, Folko, Fosco, Gilligan, Hansel, Hartigan, Ignatius, Isembard, Mortimer, Odysseus, Orrick, Ozias, Rutherford, Severin, Thaddeus, Tolliver, Torin, Ulysses, Windom, Xerxes
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    Nice list... I like Beaumont, Calloway, Cosimo, Endymion, Erasmus, Mortimer... Not sure will I use any of those, but they fit my list.

    More suggestions?

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