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Thread: Doctor Who Quiz

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    Doctor Who Quiz

    Pick an answer and choose from the three options

    Last Name - Favorite Doctor
    First - Hartnell, Hurndall, or Cushing
    Second, Third, or Fourth - Troughton, Pertwee, or Baker
    Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh - Davison, Baker, or McCoy
    Eight or Ninth - McGann, Hurt, or Eccleston,
    Tenth or Eleventh - Tennant, Smith, or Capaldi

    Daughter # 1

    First Name - Favorite Series
    '60s (1st and 2nd Doctors) - Susan, Polly, or Zoe
    '70s (3rd and 4th Doctors) - Elizabeth, Josephine, or Sarah Jane
    '80s (5th, 6th, and 7th Doctors) - Tegan, Peri, or Ace
    '90s (8th Doctor Movie, Audios, and Books) - Grace, Tamsin, or Bernice
    2005 series (9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors) - Rose, Martha, or River

    Middle Name - Favorite Planet
    Gallifrey - Romana, Rani, or Leela
    Skaro - Barbara, Bettan, or Amelia
    Trenzalore - Christmas, Tasha, or Clara
    Traken - Nyssa, Kassia, or Katura
    Midnight - Sky, Dee Dee, or Val

    Son #1

    First Name - Favorite Monster
    Daleks - Ian, Terry, or Harry
    Cybermen - Benjamin, Ricky, or Craig
    Ice Warriors - Jamie, Brian, or Mars
    Sontarans - Dan, Luke, or Seville
    Autons - Alistair, Gordon, or Stewart

    Middle Name - Favorite Multi Doctor Story
    The Three Doctors - William, Patrick, or Jon
    The Five Doctors - Peter, Richard, or Mike
    The Two Doctors - Colin, Frazer, or Oscar
    Dimensions in Time - Sylvester, Tom, or Nicholas
    The Day of the Doctor - David, Matthew, or John

    Son #2

    First Name - Favorite Villainous Time Lord
    The Rani - Pip, Ikona, or Urak
    The Master - Roger, Anthony, or Derek
    Omega - Benton, Stephen, or Omega
    The Valeyard - Michael, Robert, or Sil
    Rassilon - Timothy, Wilfred, or Russell

    Middle Name - Favorite 'Ship (platonic or romantic)
    Nyssa and Tegan friendship - Adric, Matthew, or Mark
    Jack and Practically Everybody - Jack, Noel, or Mickey
    Amy and Rory - Rory, Arthur, or Canton
    Ten and Rose - Alonzo, Lucius, or Davies
    Eight and Grace - Paul, Chang Lee, or Eric

    Daughter #2

    First Name - Favorite Iconic Accesory
    Fourth Doctor's Scarf - Begonia, Lalla, or Louise
    Sixth Doctor's Coat - Melanie, Nicola, or Bonita
    Eleventh Doctor's Bow Tie - Jenna, Karen, or Kate
    Seventh Doctor's Umbrella - Dorothy, Sophie, or Delta
    Tenth Doctor's Trainers - Billie, Catherine, or Freema

    Middle Name - Favorite Classic Companion
    Barbara Wright - Carole, Jacqueline, or Verity
    Zoe Heriot - Anneke, Victoria, or Wendy
    Jo Grant - Caroline, Katy, or Courtney
    Tegan Jovanka - Mary, Janet, or Daphne
    Other - Rosita, Astrid, or Christina

    I know it's a mixed bag, I tried to make the choices as relatable to the answers as I could.
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    It was fun, even though it was hard choose the answers!
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