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    Quote Originally Posted by freya55 View Post
    These are two good lists, I'm sure that there is common ground here. The most likely for cross-over I would've thought are Griffin, Miles and Tobias. One thing that struck me is that Heathcliff is on your list and Heath would probably fit in quite easily to his- maybe that could be a compromise?

    Also want to second the pp's comment about Burke/Berk in the UK. It might not bother you if you have no ties to here but it is an insult, like calling someone a jerk (with which it also rhymes- that might be something else to consider)
    Oh dear.. Okay Berk is now off the list!! Lol
    I tried Heath by itself, he thinks it's "funny to say"
    Right now we only seem to agree on Oliver... I just can't see this baby being an Oliver..

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    Wesley, Lincoln, and Finnegan are so cute to me!
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    Have you considered using one from his "I love" list and one from your "I love" list...I think Griffin Cole or Tanner Dean sound nice, among a few others.

    However, I will add that of all of the names you listed Jack is my favorite, I absolutely adore it!

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    Albus- Dumbledore? No.
    Julian- Always seems feminine to me.
    Griffin- A nice, modern name.
    Syler- Not a fan.
    Burke (explain in a moment)
    Claudius- Not a fan.
    Tanner- You have better options.
    Leland- Meh, ok...
    Heathcliff- the Cat. No...
    Miles- Love.
    Frederick- Dashing.
    Lorcan- Don't like the sound.
    Pogue- What?
    Deveraux- Not a fan.
    Aleron- Not a fan. What about Arden?
    Brooks- Love!
    Atticus- Nice!
    Jethro- Very hillbilly to me, honestly. I prefer Jed
    Roy- Too cowboy for me.
    Harvey- Invisible rabbit.
    Maximillian- Max is such a common name...
    Ben- Needs a longer name, like Benjamin or Bennett or Benton.
    Evan- Ok, but a bit old hat. Prefer Evren.

    David- Blahhhh
    Tobias- Fav.
    Lincoln- Love.
    Todd- Old man
    Garth- Not a fan. Too country.
    Phineas- Ok... but Phineas and Ferb.
    Atlas- Adore.
    Simon- Love.
    Cole- I just don't like the meaning.
    Jeremy- 1980s. Joshua, Jeffrey
    Flynn- Old man. Fletcher, Hugh
    Finnegan- Love. Phineas, Cormac, Dermot, Lachlan, McKinley, Teague, Tiernan, Kian,
    Capsian- Caspian was our top boys name (it's a girl). Beware, you will get mixed reactions. August, Atticus, Cassian, Caspar, Keane
    Alexander- He burned down Persepolis... Uncultured barbarian. Anton, Anthony, Marcus
    Dean- Not the biggest fan, but it's ok. Patrick, Philip, Thomas

    Our (We dont really want to use these, but we will humor each other) list
    Leo- I know a lot of young Leos... Dean, Christian, Quentin
    Wesley- Love. I think of the Princess Bride. Lewis, Lawrence,
    Wyatt- Quite cowboy... too cowboy for me. Dallin, Mason, Conrad, Booker
    Oliver- Very, very, very popular among my friends with babies. James, Simon, Asher, Grant, Graham
    Beau- I always think of Little Bow Peep. Tate, Clark, Kirk, Kent
    Berk- Didn't know it's a bad word in the UK, but it's a Turkish name. Other awesome Turkish names include Ender, Emre (Em-ray), Evren, and Levent (I think Lev would be an awesome nickname).
    Destry- A bit too cowboy for me. Wyatt, Brooks, Malachi, Sterling, Stanton, Jasper...
    Jack- I know way too many baby Jacks. Also, it's a bit too nicknamey for me.
    Dexter- serial killer.
    Harry- Not a fan of nicknames... Frederick, Henry, Oliver, Caspar, Ethan, Owen...
    Preston- Nice, but quite preppy. Duncan, Malcolm, Corbin, Collin...

    Sorry some of the suggestions were on your list... I normally go from the bottom.
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