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    Almost decided...

    I have been try for a long time to decide on a brother for Myla Elizabeth.

    I have narrowed it down to 3 names:

    James - I love this name, but I don't think it goes to well with Myla. Wdyt?

    Asher - I love how Asher sounds with Myla and I like the name but I can't make myself love it. I really like the names together though.

    Rowan- this is my favorite name, and I think my favorite combo. Idk. I think Asher might go a little better but since Myla can be more of a trendy name or more of a classic, and the other names we like for future children are more classic than modern, I feel like Rowan would fit better than Asher.

    Idk, I need help obviously. Thanks
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    Is Myla pronounced my-la or mee-la?

    I actually think any of the names could work. James is more classic, but it is very versatile.

    Asher does sound good, but I don't think it sounds so much better than Rowan. If Rowan is your favorite, and that's the direction you want your sibset to take, I would choose that! There's also Ronan or Rohan.
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    Although all three names are nice IMO, since Rowan appears to be your favorite I wouldn't second-guess yourself and would go with that one!

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    I like James best with Myla! I am not a fan of Asher.

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    I think all 3 names work. I'm not a huge fan of classic names but I really do like James with Myla. I feel like it opens a lot of name opportunities for future names. But you really can't go wrong with any of the names. Good Luck
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