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Thread: 'Made-up' names

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    'Made-up' names

    I know most people despise 'made-up, fake' modern names, and I usually do too, but some of them I think are pretty, even though I wouldn't use them myself. What do you think of these names:

    Brettlynne (Brettie)
    Ettalynn (Etta or Ettie)

    I wouldn't use these names, but they just somehow appealed to me. Please be nice, but tell me what you think. Thanks!

    Update: thanks for telling me about Orianna. I didn't know it was a real name. To me it just sounded like someone put a no at the beginning of Arianna. Thanks for telling me!
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    Yeah...I'm one of those people who despises made up names. Sorry. I dislike all of them. I suppose the least offensive is Kyla.
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    Yeah I have to say I sometimes like them too. I really Rylynn, Wyllow/Willo, Wynona, Wynter, Pheona, Skyla, Zuzie, Joi, Rainn, Tydus/Tidus/Tytus, Otys, or Junoh.

    Brettlynne (Brettie)- I'm really just not a fan of Brett. Bettilyn is cute though; its like a modern twist on Bettie. Besides Bettie is such a cute nn.
    Ettalynn (Etta or Ettie)- Its nearly the same as Bettilyn, but the B makes it sound prettier.
    Kyla- I love this; its so pretty. Kylie became a really popular name, so Kyla makes it more unique and sounding friendly.
    Orianna- I didn't think this was the made up one. I always though Auriana/Arianna was more modernized.
    Avianna- I'm just not a huge fan of Ava-like names.
    Bryleigh- A little girl at the daycare I worked at was named Brylee, and I thought it was cute. Bayla and Barkley are similar names I like.
    Brylinne- Bry is cute, but I feel that since its already unusual, the ending should be more traditional like Bryton, Bryleigh, Bryler, or Bryla.
    Kensleigh- I preter Kensley just because its already a kind of trendy, modern name.
    Hartleigh- Again, since its already trendy and modern, I'd tone it down with Hartley, Hartlee, Hartlyn, or maybe even Hartlo.
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    I don't dislike names (solely) on the principle that they're made-up, but many (including some of the ones you listed above) are just atrocious! I actually like Kyla and find Avianna and Orianna rather pretty, though not enough to use them. I'm not fond of most double names spelled as one (not fond of Maryann either, for example) but I would like Etta Lynn. Brettlynne, Bryleigh, Brylinne, Kensleigh, and Hartleigh just don't sound pleasant to me- I don't like Brett or Brendan or Riley, which are legitimate names with similar sounds, either.
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    I think they're all okay. I'm not a big fan of -Leigh names, but Kyla, Avianna, & Ettalynn (this ones really beautiful) are lovely. I got bored one day, and started smushing names together and came up with Evadora and Elsadora (I like -dora as a suffix). I also like Evanora,even though I haven't watched the film, but it's really beautiful.
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