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    I first heard of the name Swanilde when I read the ballet Coppelia, and then came across it again on this website. In my mind, it conjures up images of fairytales and the princess in the ballet Swan Lake, although her name was Odette. I'm not expecting so I'm not about to give this name to a baby, I was just wondering whether you think it would be cruel to do so? Even the nameberry description of Swanhild says 'this one will go over real well in seventh grade..' but I think it's such a beautiful name.

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    Eh... I think a child with the name Swanhild/Swanilde would find it hard to spell, especially at a young age, but also they might get teased. It's a beautiful name, but I just wouldn't name my daughter that.

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    I wouldn't think it would be too hard for a kid to spell tbh. I have quite a long, unusually spelled name but I never had an issue with it when I was little.

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    This name is equivalent to naming a child Brunhilde or Hildegarde for me. They're all clunky and unattractive with a somewhat otherworldly vibe (not in a good way). Swanhilde would make a good name for a German dog breed (a Boxer named Swanhilde) but I wouldn't want to saddle any child with it. Best left to fairy tales and the ballet. It's not for real life.
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    Name your child Odette instead.
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