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    I love the sound of Nevaeh, though I don't like the look/the fact that it's heaven spelled backwards. But so what if it's a word spelled backwards? So many names are derived from words, or entirely made up. In 100 years if Nevaeh is still around, it will have a history too. But, I do like the sound. Very soft and feminine to me. Unfortunately there is no way of spelling this name without an unnecessary amount of y/h/a's.

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    Well, no, I don't find Nevaeh attractive, regardless of its image. Neva is phonetically and aesthetically pleasing, but the 'eh' on the end just doesn't look or sound nice to me.

    For starters, lower/working class certainly doesn't mean trashy or chavvy, but chavs are associated with a lower class, so perhaps there's confusion sometimes. Names like Nevaeh or Destiny scream 'chav' to me, and that's not something I want out of a name. I don't like that lifestyle or 'culture', and having been bullied by chavvy girls throughout secondary school, I think I'm quite within my right to. I have nothing against people from a poorer background (I'm from that stock myself), it's the chav image I dislike.

    I would certainly be surprised to meet an upper class Nevaeh, just as much as I would be surprised to find Archibald and Jemima running around in knock-off Burberry and smoking behind the bike sheds of a crappy state comp. Some names are far more popular in certain circles and thus get associated with those people. Nevaeh is strongly associated, imo, with chavs. Of course it doesn't mean all Nevaehs are chavvy or low class or horrible people, it's just the primary association. I think as long as we don't act negatively on these assumptions (à la Katie Hopkins), there's nothing wrong with it. It's very natural to create mental associations.

    As for the 'it's no more legitimate than Lucy' thing, you could use the same argument for every name with Latin origins, or any name with a meaning at all really. Thing is, they are names with a family tree and logical name development in hundreds of languages over hundreds (sometimes thousands) of years, with tonnes of great namesakes along the way. Nevaeh does not have that. I do see what you're getting at and, however much I dislike it, I do consider Nevaeh a name, but I still don't find it legit enough. The backwards spelling does have something to do with it- I notice the Romans didn't decide to go with 'Suicul' because it looked 'cool'. I think in my case, I find I just want a rich history behind a name. Maybe in a thousand years Nevaeh will have some of that history.
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    To be honest Nevaeh doesn’t bother me, I don’t really like made up names but each to their own. And looking at the stats (in the UK) more than 500 girls were given the name or a variation Nevaeh-Grace, Nevaeh-Mae, Nevaeh-Rose etc. (not that I like the double name thing either ) But...were you waiting for the but?...what irks me is the 16 girls whose names are spelt Neveah and then the other versions Nevayah/Nevaya. If these are genuine names that I don’t recognise, sorry, but to me they look like kr8tv3 spelling Urrrghhh!

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    I think it sounds quite nice, and I absolutely love a and e together (ae), so I think it looks okay (but still a bit wrong). I don't think I'd use it seeing as so many people call it 'tacky', 'trashy' etc. Tbh when I first saw it I didn't even realise it was heaven spelt backwards! Also, just out of interest, if someone from the 'upper class' or someone influential and well respected had invented and called their child Nevaeh, would it still be classed as tacky? Why is the fact it's a name associated with the 'lower class' such a bad thing? I could go on about this for a while, but I won't, seeing as a lot of other posters have already made some valid points about class discrimination etc.
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the name Nevaeh. Nothing. In fact, in 2010, it was the third most popular name in New Mexico, a state that is 75.6% white. So do NOT argue the race argument, or call it an abomination, or deem the name "too worthy" for a middle class family and/or child. There's absolutely no merit to that argument.

    I'm not exactly sure why people think they have the right to go ahead and blast a name just because they think it's "trashy." Perhaps someone out there thinks your own name is low-class. Does that make you feel better about yourself, because you're ravaging the name of countless little girls?

    Maybe some people have associations with the name Nevaeh. I, in fact, know a gorgeous little girl named Nevaeh and her parents are both professors. Mind you, English professors. There is nothing low-class about them. The reason they chose Nevaeh is because the mother's sister passed away a week before their daughter was born. They didn't want to use her name, but they wanted to honor that one place they knew she was: in Heaven. But some people don't like the name Heaven. Oh, well. There are other options *cough cough* like Nevaeh.

    And so it is. For many girls, it is. It's their name. So please, stop with the horrible comments and unncessasary bashing, because I've seen SO much hate on poor little Nevaeh. Just because you don't think it's established doesn't mean it's not. It is. Face facts.

    (P.S. Sorry for the vent, I've just been really upset surrounding this issue)
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