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    Molly Emmeline Kenzli came to mind for me as well. I think it sounds beautiful!

    I've included it in a list with a few others to consider as well...

    Molly Emmeline Kenzli
    Molly Seraphina Kenzli
    Molly Annabelle Kenzli
    Molly Anniston Kenzli
    Molly Anneliese Kenzli
    Molly Arianna Kenzli
    Molly Emilia Kenzli

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    Molly Emmeline Kenzli is cute!
    Unfortunately the husband is not keen on Emmeline...
    In some instances it is great that he is so stubborn...
    In naming our girls it hasn't been.(: lol

    Mama to Sebastian, Kaidan, Evelyn, Britton, and Jackson

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    Molly Violet Kenzli
    Molly Augusta Kenzli
    Molly Amelia Kenzli
    Molly Julia Kenzli
    Molly Camelia Kenzli
    Molly Victoria Kenzli
    Molly Miranda Kenzli
    Molly Olivia Kenzli

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    My immediate thought was Amelia I quite like it actually :P
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