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    I forgot least favourites:

    Apricity Seafarer (one or the other, but WAY too much together)
    Seafarer Evie / Seafarer Fable (I can't take Seafarer seriously as a fn)

    Oceane Echo (I just think of an echograph - device that measures the depth of the ocean using sonic waves)

    Rarity Pearl (I just think of rare pearls, not a person)

    Ever Winter (Winter forever? Sounds a little depressing...)

    River Story (sounds like the title of a children's book)

    Amara Damaris (the names are too similar to each other)

    Bella Valor (the names kind of smoosh together when said out loud bellavalor)
    Victor | Ephraim | Phineas

    Trudy | Marceline | Freda

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    Most of your combos are too "wordy" for names. One word name per combo is a good practice. Although I like the meaning of Apricity (the warmth of the sun in winter), I don't like it as a first name. The "priss" part isn't attractive in sound. Here are my faves.

    Evie Fable
    Winter Roisin
    Winter Amelia
    Arya Isolde
    Mira Echo
    Elena Oceane
    Arwen Valor
    Arwen Glory
    Eowyn Valor
    Amaya Fable
    Arden Story
    Arden Isolde
    Isolde Oceana
    Oceane Amaya
    Amara Roisin
    Oceane Amara
    Tali Amara
    Alessa Belle
    Everly Belle
    Alessa Ember
    Tali Ember - I thought this was Tall Ember at first glance
    All the best,

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