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    Here is the SSA list for the 1990s ! It is so very 90's(for the US at least!
    Hoping for a 2015 baby!

    Current loves: Clara Elizabeth, Anna Katherine, Katherine "Kate" Marie, Elisabeth "Elsie" Ann, Elizabeth "Libby" Ann, Ann(e) Marie, James Kent, Patrick Kent, Peter Allen, and Henry Allen

    Top Ten Little Ladies: Clara, Katherine, Catherine, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Ann, Alice, Kate, Violet, Anna,
    Top Ten Little Lads: James, Patrick, Peter, Henry, Arthur, Benjamin, Grant, William, working on the rest

    If I named a baby tomorrow: James Kent or Clara Elizabeth

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    I also want to add Taylor. Both for guys and girls. Knew a few growing up.And then theres also celebrities like Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Momsen who were born in that time frame.

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    I think it depends on where you live, girls names Ashley remind more of the 2000's and I've only recently met Taylor's. It wasn't so big when I was growing up in the 90's, Ashley was still a male name, and he was joined with Adam's, Sophie's, Amy's, Jamie's (both girls and boys) Jade and Hannah.

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    You guys nailed it. Kayla, Kyla (and variations), Paige, Breanna (and variations), and stuff like Hunter, Skylar, ect feel really 90s too. Did someone say Megan & Alison? I also randomly had a few girls called Candace in my school.

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    Has anyone said Laura?
    That's the first name I thought of.
    Also Rachel (even though I wasn't born in the 90s I think it was maybe even more popular then)
    Emma definitely although it is still pretty popular, same with Sophie, Amy, Lucy, Holly, Jessica and Lauren.
    Also Kirsty and Kirsten.
    Siobhan also seems like a very 90s name to me.

    For boys Kyle, Jordan, Cameron, Ewan, Gregor, Michael (aslo very 80s to me), Sean and Gareth (maybe)

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