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    Question Time to let go? Thoughts please.

    So I first became intensely inerested in names as a preteen.
    When I was ten, THE magazine came in the mail that really got things going for me.
    I still have it. It's not relevant nor useful anymore, yet every time I think about throwing it away, something tells me not to. Why do i want to keep a magazine with lots of names i it when Nameberry has so many more, plus people to talk to? I want to toss it but at the same time I don't. It's not like I really look at it much anymore, yet it feels special to me since it's the first magazine I've held onto so tightly.

    IIt's from October 2009. That makes it slightly more than 5 years old as of this post.
    I don't know if tossing it will lift a weight off my shoulders or fill me with intense regret.

    Worthy keepsake or worthless trash?
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    If it holds sentimental value, keep it. I'm sure you won't be any better off with/without the mag.

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    I think I bought my first name book back in 2002, and I haven't opened it over the past 5 years or so because 1) I've found better books, and 2) it's out-dated... but yet I still have it, just in case. I'm in my late 20s now, and I'm not as embarrassed about my naming hobby. I always figured that when I moved in with a significant other, I would leave my name books at my parents' house as to not creep my SO out. My SO and I moved in together in September and all my name books are on our shelf (all the books I use, anyway)... there are a couple in my nightstand drawer, too.
    I'm really happy I have these books, and that I've kept them. Sometimes the power goes out and there's no internet, so it helps to have a hard copy

    If the whole magazine is about names, then keep it if you have the space, and think you'll want to reference it from time to time, or to feel nostalgic and crack it open. If it's a handful of pages that have names on them, then I suggest you tear the pages out, or photocopy them, just so you have that little piece from your start as a name enthusiast. It's always nice to look back.
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    You should keep it until it's not still special to you.
    - Zoe

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    I say keep it. It obviously is special to you. Better to have it even if you don't use it or need it than throwing it out and constantly regretting you did.
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