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    Cair Paravel :)

    Your literary crush :)

    I know I'm a complete literary dork, but please tell me I'm not the only one who has one of these!

    I can say I would happily marry Fitzwilliam Darcy, Edward Ferrars, or Captain Frederick Wentworth, in equal measure. I'm pretty sure I had a massive crush on Johnny Tremain in 5th grade, and I would easily add Thor, John Thornton, Percival Blakeney (the scarlet pimpernel), Duke Orsino, Peter Pevensie, Prince/King Caspian, and maybe one of the musketeers, too, to boot.

    Anyone else have any literary crushes? (Or wish they had magical powers to bring fictional characters to life, so you wouldn't feel so lame for having one? )
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    My goodness, Ash! I had a crush on Sir Percy Blakeney and on Mr. Darcy. So can these be as book characters, or movies as well?

    Genevieve. Maeve. Susannah Joy. Juliet. Máire.
    Hugh. Dermot. Seamus. Oliver. Benan. George Peter. Dominic.
    Eammon. Daniel. John Emmet. Colm. Austin Paul. Leo.

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    I've been in love with Percy from Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan) since I was a kid... but I also have a huge crush on Hazel from the series too. Christian Ozera from the Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead) series I read when I was young, so mysterious... and on Rose Hathaway too :P I had a crush on Yelena from Poison Study (Maria V Snyder) for years aha, as well as a little one on Sansa from ASOIAF (George RR Martin). I also love Diana, Lana and Sanjit from Gone (Michael Grant). One of my biggest crushes was Ian from the Host (Stepanie Myer).

    Oh, and when I was younger, huge crush on Ralph from Lord of the Flies (William Golding)...

    Don't judge. I read adult books too, I just prefer the young adult section :P

    Astrid Selena. Edith/Eira Primrose. Eva Vittoria. Juno Cosima. Sylvie Primrose.
    Annie Evangeline Greta Gwendolen Ingrid Jane Rowan Suki Sunny Wendy

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    Arthur Valentino*. Elliot Christian. Thorin Altair. Vincent Orion. Walter Elio.
    Alaric Atlas Donovan Hiro Julian Leo Rio Robin Sindri Theoden Ulrich Willem

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    Almost all of my (very few) crushes are fictional. I thought I was just really weird! :P The two main ones are/have been Sherlock Holmes (of course), and Artemis Fowl. Mr Darcy is pretty difficult to resist too. There's just something about ridiculously intelligent guys that gets me.
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    Mine are Jon Snow and Dean Thomas.
    Emily / 20 / American

    Not loving names at the moment.

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