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    Favorite Superpowers!

    I've seriously been considering writing a superhero story (pretty far down the line--one of many ideas, and I'm busy enough with Haven for now!), but I'd like to get a few ideas down, just so I can stop thinking about it.

    If you were to pick up a superhero story, what sort of superpowers would you hope he or she would have? What are your favorite superpowers? Which ones are the coolest? If you had to invent a superpower that's not really been done before, what would it be?

    My only idea--flying!--is really unoriginal, although maybe I can work with it to make it more so. Anyway. Let's have it, Berries!

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    Hmm, interesting topic! I'm not sure and I am horrid when it comes to superheros. My fiance loves comics and the movies and all that, but I am the type to sit there and be like "invisibility? It sucks kinda sucks when you are standing right by someone and they can't see you. Can't be killed? Well what kind of life would that be if your loves ones grow up and die and you have to keep on living without them? Super speed? Well what if the person had asthma?" Lol see

    I think the ability to know when someone is about ready to give up and reach out to them would be interesting. I don't know, I already mentioned I suck at this. But to me, when I read stories, the thing that stands out to me is when someone is able to draw someone out of a bad situation. To help them find strength within themselves. To not give up. It sounds kinda like the angsty teen stories, where the hot guy looks right at the damaged girl and shows her what love is and he stands up for her and yada yada yada. But I don't know... maybe to be able to empathize?

    The ability to understand any language would be pretty cool too. Also, having the ability to remember (I can think of reasons why this wouldn't be good but ah well). Lol. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    "Silver tongue." The ability to convince or compel people to believe/trust what you say or even do what you want. (I think this would be most interesting if the character with the power didn't want it or didn't fully understand that they were able to do it. Almost like a reverse Ella Enchanted.)

    A character who can't read minds but can put one hand on Person A and the other hand on Person B and can "link" them so that they're able to read each other's minds/understand each other's experiences.

    A character who can project images from their hands or eyes. Intangible but clear and three-dimensional. Maybe even images of/from other characters' memories?

    A shape-shifter who uses their powers (maybe for their job?) but who has constant, obsessive anxiousness and worry about getting stuck in one form or the other. (Maybe they have a parent from whom they inherited their power who got stuck one day in an unfamiliar body and having to relearn a stranger's face as their parent's face traumatized them as a child?)

    Some of these might be really weird and off-base, but it's fun to brainstorm.

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    Ooh this is cool. And very helpful as coincidently, I've been thinking of doing a story set in a place where 'superpowers' are just everyday skills that everyone has, so they can be improved and developed etc. It's very early stages, but so far I have (also very unoriginal):

    Mind control
    Telekinesis (I like to think this includes flying haha)
    Elemental control:
    Water/ice, Earth, fire, air, and maybe light and/or electricity
    Shape shifting
    Super speed
    Super strength
    Healing (Maybe being particularly aware of exactly what's wrong with the body and or mind and how to fix it, and the ability to remove any kind of pain )
    The ability to communicate and understand animals

    And I really can't think of much else at the moment, especially not many out of the box ones. But I've just finished exams, so I'm super low inspiration right now . The pps ideas are awesome!
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    Not sure if this is a superpower, per se, but when I was younger I used to enjoy imagine 'switching places' with somebody else in the world, who lived an entirely different life to me, and just having to adapt to their body/lives/family/language etc. whilst they where living in my body and doing the same! Just seemed fun, and was a form of escapism for me for a long time.

    It would make a pretty cool story

    (oh, and I've been meaning to say, I'm really enjoying Haven so far!)
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