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    What colour should I paint one of my walls?

    I feel weird posting this here but I need help deciding what colour I should choose to paint one wall of my room with. The problem is I like dark colours and I first wanted dark blue but everyone keeps telling me that it would make my room look smaller and darker but I'm not sure if I mind that. Do know other colours that would look good or do you think dark blue is fine? I don't like pink or violet and I have blue curtains, an obviously blue globe and a blue painting on one of my walls. I have a light yellow lamp and 8 golden decorations (plant pots ect).

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    I feel very strange giving decorating advice here XD

    I had my room in a dark berry shade one time. I didn't mind it feeling smaller, but what was a huge issue that made me want it a lighter colour, was lighting. Night or day, it wasn't very easy to do my makeup or other things that needed attention to colour and detail, taking decent photos was difficult and so on. My room is now a pastelish purple that's kind of dusky but not at all dark. You could probably find a steely light blue or pastel blue that might work.

    There are other ways to make your room feel small and cosy, like fairy lights, curtain partitions and so on.
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    I also find it strange posting decorating advice here, but anyways.

    I would go for a dusty blue colour like this: it isn't too dark but it isn't light either.

    I have a small room and I actually wanted to have black walls once (lol) to make it cosy but now I have white walls. One wall is the window wall so it is small and has a wardrobe and calendar to cover the walls, one wall has an Indian tapestry over it, one wall has large posters on it and the other wall is a collage of wallpaper samples like this: Kinda looks like a complete mess but with fairy lights, mis-matched furniture and the alike, it has a crafty feel.

    Honestly, I would stay away from dark blue. While it would completely drown your room out and make it seem dark and miserable, I think it would clash awfully with the light yellow lamp and golden decorations. This is just personal opinion and I know a lot of people like blue and yellow together, but I couldn't think of a worse combination lol.

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    I think you should go ahead and paint the wall dark blue if you want, especially if you're only painting one wall as an accent. I can kinda understand why people might discourage you from painting all the walls dark blue (even though I disagree -- my bedroom growing up was dark blue, and so is our nursery), but just one wall isn't going to have the same affect. Is this your bedroom you're talking about? In that case, your opinion is really the only one that matters anyway (unless you share with somebody else). If dark colors make you happy, go for it!
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    I do not feel weird talking about decoration here.

    I say go ahead and paint it dark blue if that's what you really love. Just make sure you have good lightning and balance it with some other lighter colour. My favourites are white and light cream.
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