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Thread: I am sorry

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    I am sorry

    Yes, it's me. Theodora Phoenix. The person you know to be a complete jerk. And I'm here to apologise. I realise that I was wrong in putting the hateful commenfs on so many names. This just shows how easy it is to mess up when you lower your standards. I now know, not even once. I never intended to become so cruel.

    I am truly sorry and hope you can forgive me. I will never post those things again. I could keep them to myself.

    I want to start over. I want you to to know the real me. A funny creative person who is actually nice online.

    Thank you for reading this.
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    Hey, no harm done . It's very easy to get into a downward spiral, and it is something that I am sure everyone (myself included) has done at least once in their life. It's super easy to come across badly online, and the act of you posting this proves you are a nice, decent person. Consider the reset button pushed.
    Have a great day,
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    I wouldn't worry too much , I have forgotten a few times that people with feelings are on the receiving end of my not-so kind comments, most - if not all - people have.

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    I think it's sweet of you to apologise and as Nooshi has said, just proves you're a kind and thoughtful person for doing so. There have been times when I've been mean online, not thinking of the person whom I was being mean to's feelings, which I now regret. Luckily, we're good friends now and that seems to have been forgotten about. I think we do this because we're not speaking to the person face to face, so are unaware of their feelings. Even on here, there are some occasions where I read my posts and think "wow, that was a little opinionated, perhaps next time I could use a kinder tone".

    I think your threads are interesting topics and I look forward into seeing more!
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